Thursday, March 11, 2010

A lot furthur off than I thought.

I procrastinate. I procrastinated about writing this post. I have procrastinated about writing other posts which should have been done days ago. I am still procrastinating now, or well actually I am distracted as the Mentalist is on.

I finally wrote up my 2010 needs today. ....Topps base that is. the one I said I would do as soon as I put my first cards in my spiffy red album, then when I bought a few more packs, then when I saw others had their want list and the once more when I saw more want lists.

I finally bit the bullet when I say dayf''s post about Target blasters.

..and it had nothing to do with his asking for our needs of the topps base set.

Ok, so that above post is a lie. It had everything to do with it.

I lie. I lay as well and lie down. I have also lain down.

On some other notes of 2010 topps.


...maybe cereal boxes. Or I think that is what you call em. The boxes for 9.99 with 50 cards or so?

Rack packs and double rack packs for sure and they are cheap and so am I. well.. poor, cheap impies you have money but just don't want to spend it.

I am getting more "When they where young" thanks to you guys.

The blacks border cards are all that and a bag of chips. I LIKE THEM!

P.S I completely forget to discuss the title of my post IN my post.

Which is.

...I am a lot further off from my want list of topps 210 than I thought

P.P.S is this also a ploy to beg for your doubles?

...No, of course NOT. Would I lie?

I did enjoy rambling though.


  1. From a fellow Braves collector, I'll let you know if I get any Braves doubles. As for 2010 Topps, once you update your want list I'll see if I have any cards you need. Take care and go Braves!

  2. Awesome :) Always good to see another Brave collector. My list should be updated. I hope anyhow.