Tuesday, January 11, 2011

WIN some cards.

I needed something to kick off the new year, so I thought why not a contest.

The contest is easy. Or well.. maybe not so easy.

Simply guess what Christmas gift my mom got me and you will win various cards from your favorite team. MAYBE even a jersey or auto... if I have them. I can't promise the cards will be great or even that good but they are yours.

I'll even give hints

Hint 1: It has something to do with Chipper Jones
Hint 2 : It is NOT a baseball card
Hint 3: Think out of the BIN
hint: 4 Study my username really good

Contest last for a week. You get one guess per day. If two people wind up guessing the item, the first person who posted gets it. If nobody guesses I'll "Thrash" the contest and start a new one.


  1. Damn you Canuck, that was my guess....I got nothing else.

  2. ...I made this to easy. >__< Contest over before it started. No need to keep it up for a week.

  3. and your team would be mine ;P E-mail me your address CC.

  4. Just curious, is it this one?

    Being civilized and living in the States, we call them waste baskets.

  5. Ah... I was going to guess a Christmas sweater made out of Chipper Jones jersey swatches from relic cards.

  6. Dang it Madding...that was going to be my February contest.