Saturday, July 28, 2012

The only reason I'm using twitter.

I never found much use for twitter.  Always seemed kind of dumb to me and I didn't really see the point of posting "Went to the store"  Or watching tv"   

Then it happened. Chipper Jones got a twitter account.

 That made me  fly over and make an account myself.  Or well, try until I realized I had already signed up for twitter some time ago. Something I had completely forgotten about. (My memory scares me)  In only a few days he has managed to get over 50 K followers. 

The only tweet I have made so far  (is that how you say it?) is in response to Chipper and he is the only person I follow.  Or well there are two others but I have forgotten who they are and likely added them  way long ago. 

Every day now I eagerly log onto to twitter to see if he has made a new post

I am such a fangirl.

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