Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Was it all a dream?

So,  I got a hobby box of Topps gypsy queen a few weeks back and waited a few days to open it.  During that time I had several dreams about opening up packs of cards.   The dreams where mainly about finding autograph or memorabilia cards.

Now I can't remember if I actually got a card or only dreamed I did.  I swear I remember opening one pack and getting a memorabilia card of a Cardinal.  The thing is,  I can't find the card anywhere and I have looked everywhere it could possibly be. Also, I do have two auto and two jerseys that I know are real, which leads me to believe it could have been a dream (It says you get 2 autos and 2 memorabilia cards on the box)

I swear I really did get that card though. I remember getting excited when I got it.  I remember feeling it up (that sounds dirty)  That leas me to move my bed, flip my mattress,  and tear up my room in an attempt to find the card.

I would say I am losing my mind, but I never had it to start with.  Has anyone ever done anything similar? ..anyone?  ..anyone at all?

I also think I am going to try and build the set.  Gypsy Queen 2012 that is.  I'll post my hits later which may be up for trade.


  1. Usually I have dreams about going through card boxes at a shop or a flea market, finding some really cool stuff and then realizing that it's a dream and I can't actually keep it. I hate those dreams.

  2. Been there a bunch of times but a lot of times it has been dreams about my whole family playing around on an exotic beach somewhere.

    These dreams also includes relatives that have been gone for quite a awhile, so when I wake up it is about the most depressing thing, ever.

    I dreampt one time about opening a pack that was all one card but I can't remember the card or if it was a good one.

    Dreams are crazy like that.