Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Topps 06 and Upper Deck X

I want to complete the 2006 Topps base set. Why go for a three year old set? Easy, I’m jobless. I will not say why I am jobless, just that I have a couple of “problems” and we are looking for help in trying to get past said problems. Currently however, the only way I can make money is doing odd jobs around the house. That also means I don’t get an ungodly amount of money, so I’ve chosen to go after packs with reduced prices.

Our Fred’s (sort of like a small k-mart) had several blasters packs of 06, which through the months, I have been buying.

..And I just bought the last two blasters packs they had today. Even with these I’ll likely still have far from a full set. Actually there is no likely about it, I know I will not. Hence why I say I wanted to complete the set. Unfortunately you can’t always get what you want.

There is the internet I suppose, although I’m a bit weary about that.

I also want to complete the Upper Deck X set. I happen to like the cards, so sue me. Doubt I’ll get to complete the set though as K-mart is the only place I’ve seen Blaster packs and they are now all out. …which is thanks to me.

I hear Upper Deck X will be back this year though. I will have to check them out.

...and I need a scanner.

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  1. Welcome to the future!!!!... err, blogosphere. I may be able to help with your sets. I have a few packs worth of 2006 Topps and about half of the 2008 Upper Deck X set that I have no other plans for.