Thursday, December 3, 2009


Yup, pictures.


BRAAAAAAAAAAVE PICTURES that where taken either be me or my mom, or in one or two cases a stranger.

Why pictures? Cuse I have nothing productive to say.

This was taken this year in Evans GA. It was at a sports store.

FAN FEST 07... taken by my ymom. She went in McCann's line, I was in Frenchy's. We where both in Chipper's. We wanted a pic with him and me, but they rushed us through the line so fast we couldn't. Did see his wife and children... I think he even had the Hooter baby with him. ...Hooter baby was what my grandmother called the kid who's mom is the Hooter's waiter/worker that he slept with.

This was the women's day thingee in 07. I was there!



  1. Nice pics ! Is that you in the first picture?

  2. Love the pictures. Glad to know the Braves still get out occasionally. When I was a kid they toured the region A LOT more (guess cause they stunk). Gerald Perry came to my school one year (in Charleston, SC) and the following year Murphy plus some no-name rookies came. Two of the non-names were Smoltz and Glavine!