Friday, April 2, 2010

My 2010 heritage Blaster Leauge team

I have selected my team. Hopefully I haven't screwed up to badly.

Do I need a name for my team? I haven't done this before.

EDIT: Scott Kazmir of the Angels has taken the place of Joe Nathan due to injury.

FIRST BASE Lance Berkman of the Astros
SECOND BASE Dan Uggla of the Marlins
SHORT STOP Miguel Tejada of the Astros
THIRD BASE Alex Rodriguez of the Yankees
CATCHERS Gerald Laird of the Detroit Tigers
Mike Napoli of the Angels
RIGHT FIELDER Jason Werth of the Phillies
CENTER FIELDER Nate Mclouth of the Braves
LEFT FIELDER Ryan Spilborghs of the Rockies
CORNER INFILDER (3B) Mike Lowell of the Red Sox
MIDDLE INFIELDER Ian Kinsler (2B) of the Rangers
OUFIELDER Shin-Soo Choo of the Indians
UTILITY (DH) Hideki Matsui of the Angels
PITCHERS Joe Blanton of the Phillies
Randy Wells of the Cubs
Andrew Bailey of the Athletics
Scott Kazmir of the Angels
Jonathan Papelbon of the Red Sox
Hiroki Koroda of the Dodgers
Francisco Liriano of the Twins

TEAM Boston Red Sox


  1. change out Joe Nathan... he's injured and will miss the entire year.

  2. Thank you. I mainly have been doing by stats on the cards.

  3. I have Brian McCann and will trade him for Jonathen Papelbon ...If Dayf allows.