Saturday, May 29, 2010

Get your rear in gear wal-mart!

Yup, another wal-mart rant!

Buuuuut this was a different wal-mart!

This evening I went into Wal-Mart eagerly expecting to find Topps series 2. After all they had come out (Wow, has it only been two days? I was going to say a week ago) Thursday, surely they would have them out and ready.

Nope. There was nary a pack in sight. Just the series 1 cards.

I circled the display four times, each time expecting the cards to miraculously appear. (they didn't) I even searched through the lose packs and looked behind blaster boxes to see if they where hidden, like the prize in the cracker jack box.

...which suck now. The prizes in Cracker Jack boxes suck. They are just pieces of paper with jokes or riddle son them. I WANT A DAMNED PLASTIC RING!

And there are hardily ever prizes in cereal anymore. I remember a few years back they put mini bobble heads of baseball players in cereal. ..I forget which kind, but they had a Chipper and I went through four boxes before I found him. Best prize in a cereal box ever!

Now it is all for stuff you have to send away for. Money grubbing bastards.

...oh yea, this is a rant about wal-mart. HURRY UP AND GET TOPPS SEIRES 2 CARDS! I waaaaaaaaaaaaant them.

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