Tuesday, April 26, 2011

That ain't Chipper's autograph!

So I went to vist my grandmother this past week fo Easter and she said I had a surprise from my aunt. It was a signed Chipper Jones Jersey! So of course I was all....

and then I saw it was a Red sox jersey and was all...

and then I saw the signature and was all..

Beacuse it was

and not...

Turns out she grabbed the wrong jersey. She even showed it to my grandmother and didn't realize it was the wrong jersey. It made me lol.

She is bringing the Chipper one next week when she comes back.


  1. I hope she remembers the right one next week. From the post's title I thought perhaps she got scammed. Glad to see it (will) have a happy ending.

    And thanks for the chuckle, too.

  2. Funny, and I'm glad it will have a happy ending too.