Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Shoveling horse shit and hauling rocks in 102 F

Wanna know why I was shoveling wet horse shit and hauling rocks oin 100 plus degree weather?

All for


.....damn me and my non existent will-power

Picked up the only blaster they had. Yup, I am nothing more than a sheep, a sheep that has been bitten by the Bowman bug and who is hoping she gets a Heyward or a Strasburg.

Also got a pack of 2010 SERIES 2. ..which they finally got in. It wasn't wal-mart where I hit the jackpot, but K-mart.

They had a huge gravity box full of packs that hadn't even been opened. A couple of double rack packs, cereal boxes and blasters.

I was like daaaaaamn. K-mart, mine at least, is not known for keeping up to date on all things baseball. I was usually lucky if they had last year's haul.

....and a note to k-mart, please don't have the only regrister you have open on the card isle. An old lady was giving me a wonky look as I was trying to peer past them at the cards.

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