Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I want cards of the crappiest players to ever play the game.

That's right, you heard me. I want to start a collection of some of the worst players in all of baseball history. Rather they be current players or past ones. Players so bad they get booed by thier own fans.

Why? Umm.... because I'm tired and not thinking straight at the moment. Plus I have respect for all players (most all) and would rather see the card go to a good home than tossed in some forgotten corner.

Also, requesting players that you perhaps don't want is a better deal as I doubt I have very much to offer you myself.

Now, when I say the crappiest player, I mean in the game of BASEBALL. Not their off the field antics or steroid users. Call me crazy, but I would much, much rather have a card of the worst baseball player in the world who is also the nicest guy, VS a card of the best ball player ever who was also the biggest ass ever. Just bad ball players. Also, they can simply be players you think are god awful, not just ones that statics say.

Feel free to discus about the players as well.

Who do you think the worst player/s is/are?
All time?

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  1. One of the worst players of all-time, at least offensively, is Enzo Hernandez, former Padres shortstop from the early 1970s. Look up his stats. It's amazing they let that guy start as much as he did.

    Worst players now? That's a good question. I'll have to research that. Let's set the bar at Yuniesky Betancourt and see if we can go any lower.