Saturday, August 22, 2009

Padded Enevlopes in my mailbox!

So it seems my packages got to where they should be. Three cheers for the Postal Service!

All my trades where successful. Just wanted to send a thank you to everyone whom I have traded with.

First to come my way was a kick ass GU McCann Card from The Collective Troll. Not only was it my first GU by McCann, but my first ever triple swatch.

Then came a package from Cracking Wax. A Wright card as promised and not one, but TWO Upper Deck X cards. I do love surprises.

And last but not least, a package from Marie from a Cardboard problem. I got a couple of OPC Brave cards and a few A&G Braves. I love the look of the A&G Chipper, just wish he could have been smiling.

I'd scan, but don't have access to a scanner :(

Still, I love everything I got. Trading rocks my socks off.


  1. Glad ya got the triple swatch. I loved the cards you sent me. Thanks! I do have a scanner and I just posted them. Great trade, thanks!

  2. I am a HUGE fan of padded envelopes in the mail box.