Thursday, August 6, 2009

The man vs the player.

Which is a better one to be? A better man or a better ball player?

In the game of baseball that is obvious, the better ball player. We want someone that can win games. A player we can count on to come through for the team in a tough situation. You don't pay million dollars to a player because he is a nice person, you pay him because he can play ball. Who cares if he cheats on his wife so long as he is getting on base and bringing in runs.

Yet something happens when I find out that player A is using steroids or player B was caught drunk driving. I no longer want to race to the television when they come up to the plate, or feel the elation I once did when I rip open a pack of cards and see I have them. The player I always looked up to growing up suddenly doesn't seem so great anymore. As cliched as it sounds, the magic is gone.

At the same time, when I find out the mediocre player just donated a large chunk of his paycheck to a a worthy cause,I start to look at them in a new light. I began to follow them and even looking out for their cards. They gain my respect.

They don't have to be saints either. None of us are. I don't try and put players on a pedestal. I just like seeing a person at least trying to do the right thing. That to me means more than breaking a record.

Maybe I'm stupid and letting my emotions get in the way, I am girl after all. As said in my previous post though, I just would rather watch and cheer on a mediocre or even a poor player that is a good man than one of the best players in the game that also happens to be the biggest jerk.

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