Thursday, March 3, 2011

He's backl

First Braves spring training came on TV and Chipper is at the hot corner! It feels so good to see #10 on the field again. This is his first game playing at third since he collapsed last after making the kind of play he's known for . He has been pitch hitting in some of the previous games and the knee has not been giving him any problems. He made two of the outs in the first by catching a pop up and throwing to first.

I just pray his knee does him good throughout spring training and the season. He said that he wants to play around 130 or so games and I hope he is able to. He hasn't been able to play 150 games since 2003 and while I know he will have to have a few days off now and again, I hope he is able to make his goal. No, I hope he is able to surpass it. This could be his last year and I want it to be a great one. I hope he gets one more world series ring to add to his collection.

Wouldn't it be great to have his first full season as a world series winner and his last?


  1. I too hope his body can hold up through the spring and the upcoming season. If he stays healthy I can see the Braves offense really coming to life.

  2. I hope so as well. It has already given him enough issues. He is coming up on 39 though and baseball is a young man's game. I just want a healthy and happy year.