Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Take THAT (chipper) doubters!

There where a lot of people doubting if Chipper wold even make it through spring training. A lot of comments where made about how he should retire and pack it up and how he will never be as good as he once was.

Well, I will let his spring training stats do the talking

407 batting average (leading the team)
15 RBIs (leading the team)
4 Home runs (leading the team)

and best of all ... No pain in his knee in the last few weeks!

I know spring training is not always and indication of how well a player will do in the regular season. I know he is not likely to have the stats he did in his younger years. But damn does it feel good to see him doing so well.

Now I will post some of my cards of Chipper.

Safe Chipper! (or it kind of looks like the pirates are heading to the dugout, but I still say he is safe, cause he's chipper.)

Hippee Chippe!

In the air after after just thrown a ball Chipper!

Big headed Chipper!

Posing Chipper.

Mooooooooooooooooore Chippa's!

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  1. I'm ready for the ump to yell play ball to get this season started!