Monday, January 11, 2010



I can't believe I did that. >__< Thankfully I ran out of sleeves and only went to cards 290 or else I would have a lot of work to do.

and how did I lose cards 195-235 of Topps 2008? That is chunk of cards. Dunno where they went or how I managed to lose cards from the middle of the stack.

On the bright side, I finally updated my want list.


  1. I've done that plenty of times, it happens... At least ya caught it. I actually thought I was done with '78 topps, traded away all my dupes and realized that 230-239 was missing...Oops

  2. Would it be wrong to pretend 212 wasn't printed?

  3. Sarah,
    I found a few 2007 Topps that you needed... If you still need them, email me at bacontowne at yahoooo dot com with your address again please! In reverse order I have:
    614,613,611,610,607,606,605,604,602,600,599,598,597,589,574,572,564,560,521,514,512,501,500,493,485,483,457,440,439,437,429,418,376,352,345,328,326,312,297,296,292,220,149,102,91,82 and 53. You dont need to send me anything in return, but MAYBE next year you could give me a different secret santa-still NOTHING! Good luck on your set, please email me if you still need these. troll

  4. Sarah,
    I picked up a few more for ya-16, 60. 12, 10 and 5. troll

  5. Okay, this is my LAST comment... You can cross off 265, 80, 457, 74, 99, 152, 433 and 472 too. They will be on thier way today... Happy collecting!