Sunday, January 10, 2010

What is the difference?

Ok, so I am still a newbie when it comes to the card collecting world. I was looking up topps 2007 that I intend to buy when I came across these

Series 1 hobby box

Series 1 36 pack box

I would just like to know why such the vast difference in price. I know one says hobby box, but in the descriptions of the two I can't see any difference. Maybe I'm just missing something obvious.


  1. One is a hobby box and the other looks to be a retail box, meaning no "hits." Hobby boxes are usually more expensive but if you don't care about getting any "hits" then retail would be the way to go.

  2. Thanks.

    I don't really care about the hits. I juts want to finish of the base set.

  3. Hey there Rookie,
    If your only interested in finishing the set go for the retail box. It's not that it doesn't have hits it's that the hobby box has better odd for the hits. Also the hobby box has red letter parallel cards 2 per pack in the 10 card packs. This parallel has red lettering on the numbers and names on the back instead of white. And actually 32 bucks a box for retail is pretty good considering what these were going for when the Jeter(Bush/Mantel) card craze happened. I'm sure you'll get at least one from a retail box as I don't believe those cards were short printed. But the red letter parallel of that card still pulls in big bucks on ebay. Yep go for the retail box for finishing the set it's half the price of the hobby box for pete's sake.

  4. Good subject for a blog entry. I didn't know the difference between the two boxes either. They started making the different type of boxes during my collecting hiatus. Now I know. :)

  5. They pretty much answered your question! I like the originality of your binder!

  6. @cynicalbuddha: Thanks for the info. I didn't know anything about the red letter parallel cards. I just really want the plain ol' base set card.

    @MattR: Glad I could help you as well.

    @Baseball Dad: Thank you. I had picked up the little Brave pieces at a craft store a few years back. I just recently did the Chipper head as that is what the album contains. I originally had all Brave cards, but the album wasn't big enough to hold them all.

  7. If you are just looking to fill out your set I probably have all of the cards that you are looking for. I have bought probably 5 or 6 boxes of 07 Topps in total and have many duplicates that I would be willing to trade to you. Let me know if you are interested.