Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Bowman 2011



Still trying to figure out how to use it. I scanned a card the other day, but have no earthly idea where it ended up. Chun Hsi Chen got cut off as you can see. I did see that before hand but was worried about making two scans. (Plusiwaslazy)

Happy I got a Brave.=) Dunno, if I am going to collect this set. (I still haven't sorted through all my 2011 series 1 cards.) I was just so excited when I saw a new product out.

Not a fan of the fake autograph thoug.h Not really that different from last year. ..I think. I dunno. I remeber the fake autopgraphs though, which fooled me for a moment when I opened them.


*a fee second later* ...oh.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Where I've been.

Dunno if anyone has noticed the lack of posts coming from my blog. I have had a virus on two computers apparently. This one is still supposed to be infected, but it seems to be working.... alright for the time being.

I had also been sick and.. lazy. Yes, lazy. I just couldn't get the energy to come up with a post that I thought anyone would want to read. I kept saying "I'll do it tomorrow." then tomorrow would come and I would repeat the process.

I don't wanna be lazy anymore. I miss getting packages in the mail. I miss reading other baseball blogs and having you guys read mine.

..Now I just need to come up with some card related posts. Or Brave related. Or even better... Brave baseball card related.