Monday, June 25, 2012

A half naked chipper doll and ponies on my baseball work station.

So I had a baseball work station for a long time.   Or for a couple of months anyways when I became a SERIOUS  COLLECTOR!. It was a place where I could rip packs and sort cards and keep mu supplies.  I was ORGAN IZED!

Then I switched rooms and to save room I ended up putting the table up and the cards  went under the bed.  I got UN ORGAN IZED.    Cards where put in all sorts of places.  Actually cards where always in all sorts of places even when there was a table, but even more so now.

I decided I wanted to get SERIOUS again  and not lose cards five minutes after I open them, so I  set up the table.   Poor chipper lost his pants and shoes and socks and hat and bat some time ago.  I use to tote the doll around and kiss it.   The ponies just make it awesome.

My spiffy card table!  You can see my brave mug.  Ignore the date.

A CLOSE UP of pantsless chipper and the ponies .  If someone can tell me the names of the two missing bigger ponies, they can have  my inserts of my topps archives.  Granted they aren't  any auto or jersey card.  I'm greedy like that.  :P


My Binders cuse i'm ORGAN IZED!

Friday, June 15, 2012

I'm getting a chipper bobble head and.. question.

Got tickets to the August 16th game. Braves vs Padres.   I also got batting practice tickets where I get to go on the field and watch the players practice.  Went last year and got some great pics and autograpahs.  They are doing Chipper bobble head night.  First 20,000 fans.  That would be my fourth Chipper Bobble Head.^^

I was wondering when they start giving things like that away? Is it as soon as the gates open or later?  I just have to be there a few hours early for batting practice and it doesn't end till later.   The bobble head was a main reason I picked the game.   It was either that or a Met game where I could go do the BP thing as I like David Wright and might could have got his autograph.    Also, if Chipper doesn't play I will be  upset.  It is playing paying Russian Roulette though when it comes to picking games that he will play.

We may also try the last home game of the season.  It will be Chipper's last home game.  *sigh*

Monday, June 11, 2012

I will not talk about tonight's game (and Best. Commercial. Ever.)

Instead, I will post funny videos and commercials  of the Braves to cheer me up..

The Best Commercial Ever.

Mac Dancing!

Tim Hudson scaring Eddie Perez

I went as ghost face for halloween once.

90's commercial with  Glavine and Maddux

John Smoltz Comcast commercial.
Just saw this

Hudson can do more than pitch!

Chipper showing his skillz

B-Mac commercial from 2011.
You can tell Fredi is trying not to laugh

Prado commercial from 2011
He can do it all!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Opening a pack of topps series 2, 2012

Man am I behind.  Didn't even know these where out till I saw a blog post two days ago.

Anyways  I picked up a double pack and a single,.   Decided to record and upload myself opening the single pack.


So happy to have new cards to buy.

....I just realized I say the phrase "What the hell?" three times during the duration of the video.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

I just stuck my tongue out at the TV.

Or rather the Umpire on the TV.  I also let out a few choice words and stomped my foot.

To be fair, it was a horrible call.  I was hoping Fredi would get tossed.   He has a long way to go if he wants to reach Bobby.  Minor was  IN THE BOX you half witted asshat.

 I think the last time I swore at the TV was last night, during the Braves game. Umpires bring out the sailor in me. I know it isn't going to change anything and it makes me look like a  rambling raving fool, it will not stop me from yelling the next time.

So, when was the last time you yelled at the TV, rather it be an umpire or.. whatever?

I always feel bad for yelling though afterwards though :P