Monday, November 11, 2013

Can of Chipper.

So, I was surfing ebay when I came across this:

A CAN OF CHIPPER JONES!  It is a pinnacle 1998 product that features various players and inside the can is a pack of cards.  You need a can opener to open it.


SEE ^  You gotta have adult supervision!  I bet they wouldn't have this today, although 1998 isn't that long ago.  Way to many sue happy people out there.


I like the product information done like a  nutrition label.  Yes, it is sideways.  I rotated it on the computer  but it keeps showing up this way.


The cards!


I dunno what the hell was up with this card, or what they were thinking when they made it.  It is half a card of half a player featuring four different players, all Braves. 

I  also did a video of me opening it.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Why I swore enough to make a sailor blush and nearly chucked my camera at a wall...

.  This is for my entry for Nacho Grande's blogger bracket challenge.
with this card
I had this really cool idea for a post where I would make a video and edit it to be super amazing and super spectacular. 
....Then I got started and realized and realized how much I suck at video editing .   Oh, and that I was a  really horrible actor.
The lighting is horrible, sorry.  I had the light on and the window open.  Tried to mess around with it a  little but there wasn't much I could do.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

What is Franklin Guitierrez staring at...



Balls.  He's looking at balls.  Or more specifically, one ball. Not a particularly large ball.  In fact, compared to most balls, it is quite small.  To him though, this ball matters very much to him.

Grade school humor: check

He has such an enthralled look though.  He could be looking at all manner of things, like...










This post was  for  the blogger bracket challange over at  Nachos Grande

Monday, October 21, 2013

Places where I have found baseball cards....

I am very unorganized and forgetful and lazy (and use and to much in a sentience)   I also have a lot of cards.    When you combine all that together you get cards in very unusual places.   Usually from me leaving them somewhere and forgetting to get them later.


Baseball cards on my computer desk

Basell cards  on my computer

Baseball card taped yo my computer (the light on the computer was bothering me one night so I got up and taped something to block out the light.  This was done without turning on the lights.  The card is a Bobby Areu)

Cards on top of my head board.

Cards on the shelving unit in the head board.

Cards under the bed

Cards  in the bed.

Cards on my book shelve.

Cards in the books themselves.

Cards in notebooks

Cards on my short dresser

Cards on my unused printer

Cards in my short dresser drawers

Cards on my bigger dresser

Cards in my bigger dresser drawers

Card in the bathroom  drawer

Card on top of the microwave

Card under the microwave

Cards on top of the fridge

Cards in the living room antique drawer

Cards in the old kitchen shelving unit thingee

Monday, October 7, 2013

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Nephew's first Braves game

Went to the Braves game yesterday with my eight year old nephew and brother.  Had a great time. 
Picked an awesome game for his first. 13-5 WIN!   Decent seats as well.

 He is not a huge baseball fan though and he got a little bored at the end.   He said he  was annoyed doing the wave and "chop" so much.  "Those were the only things that were annoying."

 He did say he had a good time though and said he'd go to another.  Wish he could have seen Heyward.  Or Chipper.

Him being silly before the game.  Or during I should say during.  We arrived at the bottom of the first inning. Amazing how many people come late.  Or late for me.  I usually arrive hours beforehand.


Enjoying some cotton candy.  He was so worried the cotton candy man wouldn't come our way.

 Him and his dad.  So hard to get him to pose normally for a picture.

Some  game pictures

 one of the many Met huddles.

Braves WIN!

Friday, August 23, 2013

Stamps, Chipz, and get yo players updated, Topps.

I was in Wal-Mart today and I had to check out the card isle (OF COURSE)

There I found a new product. Actually two new products  That I  had to get. (OF COURSE)   Strangely enough, they were out of individual packs of  baseball cards.  They had been out a few days ago as well. I dunno if people are buying them up or what.

They seemed to be geared more towards kids, but I am a kid at heart.

They are chipz. (What's up with the  Z's for S's? Do they think its' kool?)    They are kind of like poker chips, but heavier.  You get four in a  pack and also a team sticker. (See Dodgers on one chip. It can be peeled off to show Matt Kemp's face)

and  then there are stamps.  It is hard to see in the photo, so check out the picture on the package.

I may collect the  chips. I like them.  Something different. 

You can also play a game with the chipz, but I am forever aloooooooooooooone and have no one to play with.

The other side flips over to the game.

Dunno about the stamps.  You only get one in a pack for around 3 bucks.  The Face stamps might be cool though. On the checklist, there are fifty signature stamps, 15 team stamps, and 10 portrait stamps.  No Brave face stamps/portrait on the list :(   Harper is.  Ugh.

Also, what the heck is Bourn doing as a Brave?  Oh wait,  he was a Brave last year?  Damn, my memory sucks.  Could have sworn it was a few years back.

Monday, July 8, 2013

The many hugs of Freddie Freeman.

To say  that Freddie Freeman loves to hug, would be an understatement.  That man is a hugging machine.  A certified huggaholic.

 I have compiled a list of the many hugs of Freedie Freeman.

awkward hug
Assume the hugging position

going in for the hug

nearrly there hug

just about there hug

just about there again hug
not a hug

Let the hugging begin!


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