Monday, July 8, 2013

The many hugs of Freddie Freeman.

To say  that Freddie Freeman loves to hug, would be an understatement.  That man is a hugging machine.  A certified huggaholic.

 I have compiled a list of the many hugs of Freedie Freeman.

awkward hug
Assume the hugging position

going in for the hug

nearrly there hug

just about there hug

just about there again hug
not a hug

Let the hugging begin!


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Thursday, July 4, 2013

What do you get when you have a lot of time on your hands and lots of baseball cards?

You get the American Flag made entirely out of baseball cards!

I used  2013 topps walmart blue cards for the blue, topps 2013 cards for the white stripes, and Donruss 1990 cards for the red strips.  Plus one Target Jonny Venters  card to make up a red stripe.

Also. a baseball card firework!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The Braves made me do the unthinkable!



Oh, it is to horrible to type!

*Deep breath*  I can do this. 


There!  I said it!  I told you it was horrible!

It started out innocent enough.  I had gotten a Buffalo Chicken sandwich at Ruby Tuesdays and it came with two sides.  Not one,  but two!   I got fries and  after some debate, mac and cheese.

  Before I could enjoy much of the cheesy awsomenes though, I took the first step down the road of despair.  I.  Got.  Full.  FULL!

Thankfully a styrofoam box was there to save  the day.  Not only could I take my meal home, but I could led to the death of the environment!  Two birds, one stone!

  That was when it happened.   I looked and the braves game was on one of the TV's.   I got distracted by the awsoemness that was BJ upton and Dan Uggla and left the box sitting on the table.   I walked right out  the door with my thoughts on the game.

It is only now, hours later and at home that I remembered the mac and cheese.

The kicker?  They lost.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Do/Would you confront a packsearcher?

I'm just curious.   I've seen my third pack searcher so far and thus far have not confronted any of them.  

Last week I saw a guy in Target going through every single pack of Topps Football cards.  He would take one out of the card box,  examine it and then put it in another pile.  He must have had been through twenty packs or so when I first saw him.  I stood and watched for a few seconds, debating if I should say anything.  but ended up just walking away.   When I came back a few minutes later though, he was still at it.    I really wanted to say something at this point but was to afraid to.  I'm not good at confrontation.  Hell,  sometimes I  cry when ordering at Mcdonald's on my own.

I wish I would have said something though.  Or gotten the manager, which I also debated about.  I don't know if they would do anything though.  Plus that would be a strange conversation to have with someone that doesn't know cards.

"Sir there is a guy feeling up the packs."

I just feel bad for kids that  buy cards or even adult who don't pack search.   They ruin it for everyone else.   There is nothing quite like ripping open a pack to find an auto or even a jersey card.  At least for me.   Or even if people don't care about the over produced jersey card going for 1.99 on e-bay, sometimes the cards wind up getting bent or messed up by over zealous pack searchers who make a TSA enhanced  pat down look tame.

So far all the pack searchers have been middle aged men that are slightly obese.  Or more than slightly.  Nothing against, slightly obese middle ages men, it is just what I've seen thus far.

So just wondering if anyone with more balls than me has ever said anything to one.  If so, how did it go?  What did you say? What was their reaction?  Or if you didnt, why not?  Or would you if you had the chance?