Thursday, December 15, 2011

Why I picked McCann Can Triple

I might have told some of you this, or maybe not. My memory scares me sometimes. Anyhow, I was recently surfing youtube and came across a clip from a Brave game that lead to me choosing my username.

It happened a few years ago now and well... I will let you see.

Chipper just makes it that much better. It also happened to be his birthday. Chipper's that is.

So, where did you get your username from? Or blog name? Mine was because I was a rookie card collector.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Pack searchers or just damaged goods?

So I was at Target and getting ready to check out with my mom when I decided to pick up a last minute pack of cards. It was mainly due to the fact that Freeman was on the pack and I wanted to save the wrapper. I also noticed that it felt a little... heavier than normal and could not help but get a little excited.

Then I noticed something else as I was at the check-out. The bottom of the pack had been opened. I had decided to get them anyways, thinking maybe it had come open on its own somehow. Well, my impatience got the best of me and I ended up sneaking a peek of the cards right there. Thank goodness I did.

The cards were badly wrinkled in the middle... every single one of them. The thick card turned out to be one of those cardboard inserts. That was not the worst part however.

The worst was seeing Chipper jones staring back at me all wrinkly and torn. I had finally managed to pick a pack with Chipper and the cards were battered as hell. ;_;

I didn't get the pack and we ended up levaing it with the cashier saying it was damaged. My quetsion is, did a pack searcher do this or could it have been done during when the cards where shipped? I was thinking that maybe they felt a thicker card like I had and wanted to make "sure" of what it was.

It really pisses me of someone would ruin cards like that if so. I admit to feeling packs in the past but never enough to damage them and I never opened the damn things. Not that that is right and I stopped, but jeez. ....I wanted my Chippah.

I don't really know how common this is really though. Have you ever seen a packsearcher yourself? What did you do?

Saturday, December 3, 2011

I am an idiot...

So a few weeks ago I was at walmart when (of course) I had to make a stop by the card section. Well, I nearly had a spastic fit when I found a pack of 2012 topps baseball cards. I was...

and also..

I was practically skipping though the store and all "OMGOMOGOMGOMG! I GOTTA TELL MAH BLOGGERS! OH MY GAWD, HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE???!! " ..seriously. I was thinking all that and even mentioned to my mom about what I found.

Fifteen minutes of shopping later I took a longer look at the pack.


Yup it was 2011 update and highlights pack.