Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Was it all a dream?

So,  I got a hobby box of Topps gypsy queen a few weeks back and waited a few days to open it.  During that time I had several dreams about opening up packs of cards.   The dreams where mainly about finding autograph or memorabilia cards.

Now I can't remember if I actually got a card or only dreamed I did.  I swear I remember opening one pack and getting a memorabilia card of a Cardinal.  The thing is,  I can't find the card anywhere and I have looked everywhere it could possibly be. Also, I do have two auto and two jerseys that I know are real, which leads me to believe it could have been a dream (It says you get 2 autos and 2 memorabilia cards on the box)

I swear I really did get that card though. I remember getting excited when I got it.  I remember feeling it up (that sounds dirty)  That leas me to move my bed, flip my mattress,  and tear up my room in an attempt to find the card.

I would say I am losing my mind, but I never had it to start with.  Has anyone ever done anything similar? ..anyone?  ..anyone at all?

I also think I am going to try and build the set.  Gypsy Queen 2012 that is.  I'll post my hits later which may be up for trade.

Friday, October 5, 2012



*deep breath*

*deep breath*

One game wild card between the Braves and Card.

We are down by 3 in the 8th inning  We have two men on base and Simmons comes up.

 Simmons hit a ball in the outfield.  Two guys started for the ball and because of a miss communication   it dropped in between them.  Awesome right?   Until  the pea brained umpire called an infield fly rule and Simmons was called out..

An infield fly rule (which  had to look up) is called when an infielder purposely lets a ball drop so they can get a double or even triple play.

Firs,t it was not an intentional out.  It was a an error, like the braves have done all evening.  Second, it was in the OUTFIELD!




I have swore more in the last few minutes that I have done all month

How the hell can  an umpire be that stupid?  The call makes no damned sense  I don't even know.. I/...

Monday, August 20, 2012

Game Pictures 8/16

The August 16th game was the best game I have ever been to.  Two home runs by Chipper and one by Heyward.  Kris Medlen pitched an awesome game.  Oh yea, and I got my bobblehead.  Got there are 2:30 for it.  Well... plus I had tickets to batting  practice and had to be there by 4. I was still scared I would be late and not get my bobblehead though.

The seats were over near third base side. My mom swore they where near the first base side. Still really good seats though.   Didn't get on TV but I did take my sign and I got it signed by a couple of players during BP.  Terry Pendleton even signed.  Paul Janish, Reed Johsnon, Prado and Ross also signed.

The pictures are out of order.  It is a bitch and half trying to move them with blogger.  Or else I'm just stupid.

and here it is in all his bearded glory.

Eddie having fun.  They did a team picture during BP.

Picture with prado

and ross!

Dunno what he was pointing at

Heywards first homer

Chipper's second!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Yicketty Yak, Go long Mac! (watch for me on tee vee)

On Thursday, I will be at the Braves vs Padres game.   It is also Chipper bobble head night!

I also made a sign to take with me.

 Yicketty  means home run as Chipper pointed out.  I would have liked to put Chipper but Yak and Mac rhyme.   If Ross happens to play I will scratch through Mac and write Ross

I will be near the Braves dugout if your looking.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Umpires do not like three blind mice....

 I did have other posts planned, but I haven't felt great lately.   This made me laugh before I even clicked the link.. Most of you have likely heard about it by now, but oh well.  This can be watched again.

So a umpire made a questionable call in a minor league game.  Well, the DJ in the press book decided to poke a little fun.

I didn't even know umpires could kick non players out.

Article is here

Monday, July 30, 2012

Finally a win on Monday!

The Braves have lost every Monday game so far this year.  Until tonight.  ..and I know the reason.

Great Pitching? ...you ask

Smart at bats? ...you ponder.

 Chipper Jones and his twitter account.   They have won  every game since he started his account.on Tuesday.

Coincidence? I think not.

It really is funny to see people complain about the words he uses or his posts.    Yicketty and Mammo are my two favorite words now.


Saturday, July 28, 2012

The only reason I'm using twitter.

I never found much use for twitter.  Always seemed kind of dumb to me and I didn't really see the point of posting "Went to the store"  Or watching tv"   

Then it happened. Chipper Jones got a twitter account.  https://twitter.com/RealCJ10

 That made me  fly over and make an account myself.  Or well, try until I realized I had already signed up for twitter some time ago. Something I had completely forgotten about. (My memory scares me)  In only a few days he has managed to get over 50 K followers. 

The only tweet I have made so far  (is that how you say it?) is in response to Chipper and he is the only person I follow.  Or well there are two others but I have forgotten who they are and likely added them  way long ago. 

Every day now I eagerly log onto to twitter to see if he has made a new post

I am such a fangirl.

Monday, July 23, 2012

I need to start writting these things down

I needed a padded envelope to mail a card.

I went to the store to get a padded envelop and a few others things.  Got the drinks, got the frosted flakes and completely forgot about the envelope until over half way home .><

On other news Target doesn't have MLP cards.   Did get another pack of Allen and Ginter which had a Freeman.  The rest are up for grabs, base with a mini. 17, 53, 199, 204

I need to get some Ben Sheets cards.  Guy has done great so far. 

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Where oh where could my ponies be?

A few weeks ago I heard they where making My Little Pony Friendship is magic trading cards! Cards and ponies together!


 They where due out July 15th.   That was two days ago two. II 

but I can't find them anywhere.


 Granted I have only been to wal-mart, but I WANT MAH PONY CARDS!

If anyone sees them I will gladly pay for a pack or trade for them.  With baseball cards.  I  can send a pack for a  pack.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Chipper will be honored and I'm going be there!

On  Friday September 28th, the Braves will honor Chipper Jones.  It is the first game of the last home series he will ever play.

...and we got tickets!  Not great seats as they where nearly all sold out, but decent seats. We are  a little past third base (close we could get to Chip) and several rows back.    I CAN'T WAIT! (he has better play :P)

True, I could likely see better on the TV but being there live and in person will be something special.  I want to be there to scream myself hoarse with 40,00 other fans. Hopefully I can tape the game as well.  He has been my favorite player ever since I was ten and will always be, even after this year.

You Brave Bloggers should get tickets as well.  ...If there are any left.  This will be a very special game. Bittersweet.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Anyone like tennis? (relic)

So, I  got a pack of Allen and Ginter today.

...and I got a relic card.

 It was a tennis player. Rodger Federer.

 Had to google his name as I know nothing about Tennis and the people that play it.  Apparently he's a pretty good player.

Its up for grabs.   I figure there must be a tennis fan out there that wants this in the blogging world.

Oh, and these where the other cards in the pack.

I like the set overall, dunno if I will be going after the set.  Most likely not. Too expensive for me.  I will likely go after the Braves.


Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Old man still got it!

Badly photoshoped Chipper head on a man with a  walker FTW!

First he gets named to All Star game in place of injured Matt Kemp.  Then he shows us why he deserves it.

 Five times at bat and five hits!  Third five hit game of his career,

Four RBI's including a bases loaded,  bases clearing double!

Awesome throw to first!

 He even  also stole a base.  First stolen base of the season.  Watch out Bourn!

He even  broke a record!  Nine claps in a row  baby!

Monday, June 25, 2012

A half naked chipper doll and ponies on my baseball work station.

So I had a baseball work station for a long time.   Or for a couple of months anyways when I became a SERIOUS  COLLECTOR!. It was a place where I could rip packs and sort cards and keep mu supplies.  I was ORGAN IZED!

Then I switched rooms and to save room I ended up putting the table up and the cards  went under the bed.  I got UN ORGAN IZED.    Cards where put in all sorts of places.  Actually cards where always in all sorts of places even when there was a table, but even more so now.

I decided I wanted to get SERIOUS again  and not lose cards five minutes after I open them, so I  set up the table.   Poor chipper lost his pants and shoes and socks and hat and bat some time ago.  I use to tote the doll around and kiss it.   The ponies just make it awesome.

My spiffy card table!  You can see my brave mug.  Ignore the date.

A CLOSE UP of pantsless chipper and the ponies .  If someone can tell me the names of the two missing bigger ponies, they can have  my inserts of my topps archives.  Granted they aren't  any auto or jersey card.  I'm greedy like that.  :P


My Binders cuse i'm ORGAN IZED!

Friday, June 15, 2012

I'm getting a chipper bobble head and.. question.

Got tickets to the August 16th game. Braves vs Padres.   I also got batting practice tickets where I get to go on the field and watch the players practice.  Went last year and got some great pics and autograpahs.  They are doing Chipper bobble head night.  First 20,000 fans.  That would be my fourth Chipper Bobble Head.^^

I was wondering when they start giving things like that away? Is it as soon as the gates open or later?  I just have to be there a few hours early for batting practice and it doesn't end till later.   The bobble head was a main reason I picked the game.   It was either that or a Met game where I could go do the BP thing as I like David Wright and might could have got his autograph.    Also, if Chipper doesn't play I will be  upset.  It is playing paying Russian Roulette though when it comes to picking games that he will play.

We may also try the last home game of the season.  It will be Chipper's last home game.  *sigh*

Monday, June 11, 2012

I will not talk about tonight's game (and Best. Commercial. Ever.)

Instead, I will post funny videos and commercials  of the Braves to cheer me up..

The Best Commercial Ever.

Mac Dancing!

Tim Hudson scaring Eddie Perez

I went as ghost face for halloween once.

90's commercial with  Glavine and Maddux

John Smoltz Comcast commercial.
Just saw this

Hudson can do more than pitch!

Chipper showing his skillz

B-Mac commercial from 2011.
You can tell Fredi is trying not to laugh

Prado commercial from 2011
He can do it all!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Opening a pack of topps series 2, 2012

Man am I behind.  Didn't even know these where out till I saw a blog post two days ago.

Anyways  I picked up a double pack and a single,.   Decided to record and upload myself opening the single pack.


So happy to have new cards to buy.

....I just realized I say the phrase "What the hell?" three times during the duration of the video.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

I just stuck my tongue out at the TV.

Or rather the Umpire on the TV.  I also let out a few choice words and stomped my foot.

To be fair, it was a horrible call.  I was hoping Fredi would get tossed.   He has a long way to go if he wants to reach Bobby.  Minor was  IN THE BOX you half witted asshat.

 I think the last time I swore at the TV was last night, during the Braves game. Umpires bring out the sailor in me. I know it isn't going to change anything and it makes me look like a  rambling raving fool, it will not stop me from yelling the next time.

So, when was the last time you yelled at the TV, rather it be an umpire or.. whatever?

I always feel bad for yelling though afterwards though :P

Wednesday, May 2, 2012



15-13 against the Phillies, won in the bottom of the 12th with a walk off home run by Chipper!  The old man still has it!  The Braves still have it!   We  came back from six to nothing and what a battle it was.  I didn't think anything could top McCann's grand slam. 

This game had to be one of the best I have ever seen.   In fact, I have to use my
asthma inhaler.  I have cursed at the top of my lungs and screamed with joy at the top of my lungs. (I have the video to prove it and sore throat.)   My blood pressure has to be trough the roof or had to be.

I actually recorded the Braves winning and myself screaming.  Yes, I am THAT annoying.

WORD TO WISE: TURN DOWN YO SPEAKERS!  I should have recorded longer but I doubt you wanted to hear my ear pierecing shrieks.  Besides, you can watch a much less shaky version online. 

 "I wanted to punch him in his face."  Brian McCann when asked about not hurting Chipper to badly after his homer.

(Someone tell me why a video someone uploaded of the homer to youtube has been taken down due to copywright laws, when the b mac grand slam has not?)

Friday, April 27, 2012

April is Autism awareness month.

I thought I would talk about a subject other than baseball or baseball cards for one post.

April is Autism Awareness month.  The goal is the bring more well.. awareness and understanding to those that have it. The problem is so many articles tend to be told from a neutral viewpoint (from someone that doesn't have it, or doesn't know anyone that has it), or from an experts or parent's viewpoint.  What you don't tend to see is the actual people with autism or with Aspergers   and I think that is just important, if not more  to get what they have to say out there.  This month is about them after all.

I touched on a previous post that I have Asperger’s syndrome, but didn’t really go into a lot of detail.  Asperger’s is on the Autism spectrum but on the more mild end.   Rain man I am not.    I’m the type that brings a book to a party.  The type that never knows what to say and whose conversations often dies minutes after they have begun.   The one who still has to remember and often forgets to look people in the eye.

Over the last several years Asperger’s have become more prevalent in society.  It has been talked about in the media, there are characters with Asperger’s on TV and in books and everyone seems to have an opinion on it.  Some are saying it is the new ADHD and the diagnosis is being tossed around like beads at the Mardi Gra.  Some even say it is made up and the kids are just brats.  

It is because these kinds of ignorant comments that I decided to make a post, because even with all the talk about it, few people actually understand what Asperger’s really is.  If I can make just make one person see that I am not just some “shy” kid or make one person understand a little bit more about Aspergers then that will be good enough for me.

Growing up   I never really fit in.   I was different.  I was awkward. Even my family knew there was something off about me but they never could tell just what it was.   That wouldn’t happen until I was nearly seventeen, but I will get to that later.

School was the worst time of my life. I was made fun of just about until I graduated.   It wasn’t so bad the first few grades.  I think partly due to kids not being as socially aware as the older grades

 In fourth grade I transferred to a private school and that was when the shit hit the fan.  My differences started to come to light and my classmates jumped on them and me.   Those were the worst two years of my life.  I vividly remember being told to jump from two stories up because it would be “fun”   I was ten and eleven and I talked about killing myself. My fourth grade teacher recommended I see someone because she could see something off with me as well.  The guy saw me once and told me that I needed  to get some self esteem and to get a “hobby”.

I transferred out of that school in the sixth grade, but even at different school things didn’t get better.  I was still me.  Middle school was some of the worst years of my life.   I was called ugly constantly.  I remember guys coming up to say their “friend” liked me just to embarrass the friend.  I guess because I was so hideous. I did manage to make friends, but I was still that weird girl, the one nobody wanted to sit with or partner up with.  

As high school rolled around things got a little better.  I was still made fun of though and I was still the odd duck.  It was then though that I would finally get diagnosed.   I was in the eleventh grade and having issues.  I was talking about suicide and having bad anxieties about school so my mom took me to a psychiatrist.

On the very first visit she brought up the term Asperger’s Syndrome.  Until that day we had never heard of it.  The list she gave my mom of the symptoms fit me to a T though.  Finally there was a name for why I never fit in, why I hated tags on my shirt, clasped my hands over my ears and why I did the things I did.   Finally we had answers.

Unfortunately  nobody else had any idea what Asperger’s was either  Sadly even today there are family members that don’t accept that there is anything  “wrong” with me.    By the time I get a diagnosis, I was in the twelfth grade.  I was put in a resource class for one period but that was more study hall than anything.   In the end I had to take a math course in the summer to graduate and my GPA was dismal. 

Today I am twenty seven and still live at home and likely will for a while.  I don’t drive and have never had a job before.    I am currently on SSI for my Asperger’s and Anxiety.  It took three tries to get it.   I actually remember being told if I was pregnant I could get help.  

 We have actually tried to get me help in getting a job.  Sadly in a small town options are limited.  One place we tried was for so called normal people out of work and another was for people with severe autism.  People like me were stuck being the preverbal rock and a hard place.   I know that I can work the only problem is finding the work and understanding employers.

I sometimes wonder what would have happened if I had been born ten years later and diagnosed earlier.  Could I have gotten more help?   Would I be able to work or drive? Or live on my own? Taking money from the government wasn’t something I want or am proud of.  I need help though. Asperger’s is more than just social issues.  It is more than being socially awkward.  It reaches into nearly every aspect of my life.

 I have sensory issues.    I hate being touched, even by my own family.  I have never willingly hugged or kissed anyone on my own.  I’m asexually and a virgin.  A touch on the knee or arm makes me jerk out reflexively as if shocked. Loud noises startle me and make me clasp my hands over my ears.  I cannot wear certain fabrics.   I’m what you call a “picky” eater.  I will always try something but a lot of foods will make me gag

My fine and gross motor skills are shall we say... lacking.  I still can’t hold a pencil correctly.  I have trouble with sports.  Dancing is near impossible for me.  I’m drop things a lot and stumble and trip on a daily basis.  I cannot cut straight with scissors.

I also have issues with executive dysfunction.    In other words…. I’m messy disorganized and scatter brained.  I’m forever losing and misplacing things.  My room seems to make messes.  My short term memory scares me and if my own head wasn’t attached I would lose it.  I get confused with more than three or four instructions and I am easily overwhelmed and have trouble making decisions.

 Emotionally and socially I feel a lot younger, more like fourteen socially and ten emotional wise.  This is slowly progressing as when I was in high school.  I read a report where my maturity matched a six year olds.  I like toys and reading YA fiction Things like paying bills or other adult duties are beyond me.  My room looks like it belongs to a 12 year old boy.  I tend to get along with people a lot younger than me.   I relate better with them and can put myself in their shoe more so than I can the adult characters.

I have trouble controlling my emotions a time as well.  Simple frustrations overwhelm me at times and I have tendency of self-harming by hitting myself in the head with my fist or even scratching myself with my nails.  I have thrown things and broken things and even kicked at a pet.

I tend to have interests I obsess over.  I drive my mom crazy and I am constantly bringing up Chipper Jones or my cat Buffy, every day I bring them up and multiple times day at that.  She is the only one I have to talk to like this and I know I over-do it. 

 Boy did I ramble and whine, but there you have it, the effect the Asperger’s has on me. I hope that I made you just a little bit more aware of Aspergers, after all that is what the month is for

Thursday, April 26, 2012

You know you spend to much blogging when...

.....you dream about baseball bloggers.  Yes, last night I had a dream about a baseball blogger.

I dreamed I was back in school and was visited by a baseball blogger during class. I think I was waiting on a package but he (yes he) came himself instead.  I remember the blogger being very enthusiastic.  In fact, a bit overly enthusiastic.  The details are a bit fuzzy but I do remember the very enthusiastic baseball blogger.    This was also a specific baseball blogger, not some random dream conjured blogger.  Or  he was conjured up in my dreams, but he was an  actual blogger.

I'm not sure I want to name the blogger as I'm not sure how he would take to being dreamed about.

...Yea, I need to get out more.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Chipper through the years

In honor of his birthday  I gathered up cards that shows Chipper from 1992-2011.   The only years missing are 1993 and 2010.    They will likely show up as soon as I finish.

The scanner decided to stop looking on the last batch and I had to take a picture.  It has been fun watching him progress through the years

Happy Birthday Chipper!  A future hall of famer for sure!

EDIT: What the hell blogger? I hate the new layout.

Monday, April 23, 2012

40 years ago a legend was born

.....and that Legend was named Larry Wayne Jones Jr.

at 12:04 am on April the 24th in 1972... that man that would be Chipper was brought into this world.

I would say more but I'm tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiired so I shall leave you with this funny big headed card of chipper I saw online and want.

I just wanted to post as close to his birthday as possible.

Tomorrow shall be a better Chipper Birthday Post.