Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Chipper through the years

In honor of his birthday  I gathered up cards that shows Chipper from 1992-2011.   The only years missing are 1993 and 2010.    They will likely show up as soon as I finish.

The scanner decided to stop looking on the last batch and I had to take a picture.  It has been fun watching him progress through the years

Happy Birthday Chipper!  A future hall of famer for sure!

EDIT: What the hell blogger? I hate the new layout.


  1. Oh man, I'm not ready for the blogger switch. Having a hard enough time with the Gmail one.


  2. Home run for Chippah on his birthday!

  3. There should be an optional button.

    and I missed it. I wanted my mom to see him bat and by the time I got back to the TV, he had reached home. Saw the reply though. Yelled loud enough to hurt my throat.

    I'll be glad when they get in their own time zone.