Saturday, April 14, 2012

What I have been buying instead of baseball cards.. (and a contest with a non baseball prize).




...Yup, I'm a brony or pegasister.

I've seen four episodes so far and due to my wonderfully crappy internet, can't view anymore.

Oh, and a contest. A very easy one for bronies. Those that aren't bronies, likely wouldn't want to win anyhow.

If someone correctly identifies the bigger pony, they win two MLP:FIS happy meal toys. Sadly you can't choose, but they are 2 of the main 6.

and yea, I know..... the clothes and shoes are ><.

Oh, and this blog will go back to being about cards and baseball cards in my next post.

baseball post ---->Oh, and Chipper and the damn fluid on his knee. :__;-<--- baseball post


  1. I showed my 2-year old little boy an episode on youtube and for the next week he repeatedly pointed at the laptop and requested PONIES! I don't know the characters and neither does he (yet) but with only a small bit of research, I am going to go with Rainbow Dash.

  2. Well... almost C.C ;P

    and you are correct mmosley ^_^

    If you would send me you address at chipper_fan @ hotmail . com I can send the two ponies on your way.

  3. You're a brony?!?!???!!!?!?!!

    My face just did this:

    I AM painting you a pony. Tell me who your favorite is and I'll get working on it.

    1. ^^ Awesome.

      Twilight Sparkle, which closely followed by Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash.

      This is partly due to all your pictures. It got me interested and then I started looking online and ended up buying some episodes from itunes.

    2. Cool, if there's a particular pose or face you like let me know and I'll do that. Otherwise I'll surprise ya.

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