Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Don't do this to me Walmart

I almost had a heart attack today. Ok, so that is a major exaggeration. I almost died from utter disappointment. I charged into Wal-Mart this evening with one goal on my mind. Yes, charged. I run when excited. Now why I was excited? (Hint: what is my blog about?)

I slowed my pace to a fast walk when I entered the store so the employees wouldn't yell at me not to run. (I've had that happen before.) Like a heat sinking missile, my path leads straight to the card isle, only to discover the most horrible thing you could imagine.

THERE ARE NO CARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No baseball, not football, no gravity fed packs, no blasters, no nothing!

Where they should have been where junk. Yes junk. Junk from the television. Topsy turvey tomato plant, while you are cool, YOU ARE NOT CARDS!

My first thought was maybe I missed the cards. I go back a few isles No cards! Over a few isles. NO CARDS!

I go back two times to where I swore the card isle was if they where going to miraculously appear. (They didn’t)

I then go up every isle. NO CARDS!

I think I went down every isle again NO CARDS!

I circle around the entire store. TWICE. NO CARDS!

I even get the idiotic idea that maybe the cards are BEHIND all the junk. FOILED AGAIN!

I mutter out loud to myself (Yes, I really did) "Where are my cards. Surely they couldn’t have gotten rid of the. They have to be there. Wal-mart’s gonna suck donkey balls now."

Just as I was about to pass away from utter devestation, found my dad who end sup doing what I should have done, asks someone.
(I have bad social phobia/anxiety)

Turns out they have moved... to toys. In a display stand in front of the toy department there are my cards. Oh, glorious reunion!

I hate when stores move stuff around. Although to be fair, at least it isn't down a isle where you have to push past people and their buggies to get to and look at the cards.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

11 X 4 + 6 - 8 = ?

So I've been buying blaster boxes of heritage and I noticed the information on the side where it lists the odds of finding different cards. Below that it says you can write for a chance to "obtain" (their word, not mine) a card from the above list.

It mentions that is open only to US and Canadian residents (except Quebec) and tells you where to send your 3 by 5 inch card.

That's when it gets odd, odd to me anyhow.

Can anyone tell me why Canadians have to answer a math problem to get the card if they win?

It states, and I quote.... "Potential Canadians winners will be required to first correctly answer the mathematical skill testing question. Include on a 3 X 5 card the answer to the following skill-test question: 11 X 4 + 6 -8=?"

I find it amusing they don't ask the Americans the same.

and I am the only one trying to complete the base set? I need someone to trade my doubles with. Stupid blaster boxes containing the same cards >__<

EDIT: Jeez, I am SLOW. I found some older Topps blaster boxes and it mentions it on all of them. (The Canadian winners having to answer a math skill test question. Back in 06 it was 10 X 2 + 8 - 2 =?

Thursday, March 25, 2010

It amuses me...

How paranoid some people are of the internet.

How they tell children and teens not to give out their home towns or first names and not to talk to people you don't know online. How weary people are of even sharing their facebook page with people.

.....and here I am giving out my home address to strangers. Dozen and dozens of them.

Oh well, baseball cards are worth the risk.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Damn you Topps Heritage!

Or rather my weak power.

So there I was in walmart yesterday. Of course the first place I had to go was to the card isle... and there it was, packs of Topps heritage 2010. Gravity packs, double packs and BLASTER BOXES!

I told myself no, I must resist them, for I said I would only go after one set and one set only.

Actually I never told myself that. I just didn't intend to buy so much.

First I had picked out one gravity fed pack of heritage and one double pack of Topps series 1 and I happy strolled through Walmart with the packs in tow.

Of course I can never stop one time at at the card isle, so back I went again. Then the debate began. Should I forgo both and get a cereal box of Topps series 1? What about two double packs of Heritage? I was even so desperate to consider a blaster of Topps series 1.

I ended up picking back up the gravity fed pack of heritage and one double pack of Topps series 1 I had to begin with and carrying them around for a short while, but my mind kept going back to Topps heritage. I had liked what I'd seen on other blogs. I wanted the base Chipper. Plus had bubble gum!

So I went back once more and picked up a blaster of Heritage 2010 and put back the other packs. In the buggy it went and in it stayed until time to check out... where I debated still forgoing it and picking up two cereal boxes of Topps 2010 series 1. I needed so many cards after all. It was stupid to buy another set. Finish the one you had. Stick to your promise.

Of course as you can likely gain from the title, I did not put it back and now I have a second set I want to complete.

Bahhh humbag!

I love the base McCann card though. No chipper :(

Monday, March 15, 2010

I will SING for cards.

So I need Topps series 1 2010 cards. I need a lot of them. As usual, I don't have much to offer in return. However, the contest going on at gave me an idea.

If you give me cards, I will make up a song about you and your blog and post it on you tube. I am more than willingly to make a fool out of myself for cards.

Guess what else? I CAN'T SING! So that is bonus looking like a fool points!

Plus you get promotion from the hand full of people that will view the video.

Or if you don't want your blog being broadcast, I'll just make a song about you.

AND AND ANNNNND I will sing for Chipper cards!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Organizing single player collections.

I was curious as to how you all organize cards of your favorite player if you keep them in binders.

My Chipper Jones cards are put into the binder according to when I get them. I get a card and put it in the next available sleeve and so on. It is hard to tell what I have and don't have though.

I had wanted to sort by year, but it seems like it would be more of a hassle than anything since you would wind up having to rearrange all the other cards after it, every time you got a new card.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

A lot furthur off than I thought.

I procrastinate. I procrastinated about writing this post. I have procrastinated about writing other posts which should have been done days ago. I am still procrastinating now, or well actually I am distracted as the Mentalist is on.

I finally wrote up my 2010 needs today. ....Topps base that is. the one I said I would do as soon as I put my first cards in my spiffy red album, then when I bought a few more packs, then when I saw others had their want list and the once more when I saw more want lists.

I finally bit the bullet when I say dayf''s post about Target blasters.

..and it had nothing to do with his asking for our needs of the topps base set.

Ok, so that above post is a lie. It had everything to do with it.

I lie. I lay as well and lie down. I have also lain down.

On some other notes of 2010 topps.


...maybe cereal boxes. Or I think that is what you call em. The boxes for 9.99 with 50 cards or so?

Rack packs and double rack packs for sure and they are cheap and so am I. well.. poor, cheap impies you have money but just don't want to spend it.

I am getting more "When they where young" thanks to you guys.

The blacks border cards are all that and a bag of chips. I LIKE THEM!

P.S I completely forget to discuss the title of my post IN my post.

Which is.

...I am a lot further off from my want list of topps 210 than I thought

P.P.S is this also a ploy to beg for your doubles?

...No, of course NOT. Would I lie?

I did enjoy rambling though.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Darnit Chipper.

The season hasn't even started yet and he's gone and bruised his thumb.

It isn't a big injury, but it still worries me. He seems so.. so.. fragile. He has had a plague of injuries over the past few years that have severely cut back on the number of games he usually plays. I am hoping this year will be different. We need healthy, happy Chipper.

..Heh, a happy Chipper. A chipper, Chipper.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

I just can't.

I can't throw away a baseball card. I just can't.

No matter what condition they are in, I just can't toss it. They could be soggier than day old corn flakes and have more wrinkles than a 110 year old son worshiping meth user, but I can not and will not throw the card away.

I feel guilty. I think of how proud the player must be to have a card made of them. Something forever proclaiming they are a major league ball player. I think of how hard they worked to have a card made of them and I just can't throw them out with the left over pizza crusts and the coffee grounds. Yes, it makes me feel bad to see a guy on a piece of card board in the thrash.

My mother never really shared that sentiment as did many mothers. "The cards my mom threw out" for example. I have rescued many a cards from the trash, many a soggy and stinky cards.

As I grow, likely my collection will grow, where I will store those cards I don't know, but they will not end up in a land fill.

Ironicly enough a hoarders commerical/preview example out while typing this. I can throw other things away, just not cards.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

First spring training game is today!