Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Don't do this to me Walmart

I almost had a heart attack today. Ok, so that is a major exaggeration. I almost died from utter disappointment. I charged into Wal-Mart this evening with one goal on my mind. Yes, charged. I run when excited. Now why I was excited? (Hint: what is my blog about?)

I slowed my pace to a fast walk when I entered the store so the employees wouldn't yell at me not to run. (I've had that happen before.) Like a heat sinking missile, my path leads straight to the card isle, only to discover the most horrible thing you could imagine.

THERE ARE NO CARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No baseball, not football, no gravity fed packs, no blasters, no nothing!

Where they should have been where junk. Yes junk. Junk from the television. Topsy turvey tomato plant, while you are cool, YOU ARE NOT CARDS!

My first thought was maybe I missed the cards. I go back a few isles No cards! Over a few isles. NO CARDS!

I go back two times to where I swore the card isle was if they where going to miraculously appear. (They didn’t)

I then go up every isle. NO CARDS!

I think I went down every isle again NO CARDS!

I circle around the entire store. TWICE. NO CARDS!

I even get the idiotic idea that maybe the cards are BEHIND all the junk. FOILED AGAIN!

I mutter out loud to myself (Yes, I really did) "Where are my cards. Surely they couldn’t have gotten rid of the. They have to be there. Wal-mart’s gonna suck donkey balls now."

Just as I was about to pass away from utter devestation, found my dad who end sup doing what I should have done, asks someone.
(I have bad social phobia/anxiety)

Turns out they have moved... to toys. In a display stand in front of the toy department there are my cards. Oh, glorious reunion!

I hate when stores move stuff around. Although to be fair, at least it isn't down a isle where you have to push past people and their buggies to get to and look at the cards.


  1. Whew. At least your card section wasn't downsized to 3-4 loose pack boxes and moved to a checkstand until further notice like one of my local Target stores did. Ruined my day!

  2. What a horrible feeling, I am glad everything worked out!

    I have a stack of Chippers looking for a good home...send me an email if you're interested

  3. I can't stand when stores do that either! Great reunion story! :)

  4. My Wal-Mart has done the toys maneuver a couple of times. That means I always do a tour of the toy section when I can't find cards in their usual spot.

    But I hate it when they're not in the toy section EITHER. My Wal-Mart has pulled that, too. It's ugly.

  5. I swear every time I go to Walmart it seems like the Yu-Gi-Oh and Pokemon cards are growing and taking over the sports cards.