Sunday, March 14, 2010

Organizing single player collections.

I was curious as to how you all organize cards of your favorite player if you keep them in binders.

My Chipper Jones cards are put into the binder according to when I get them. I get a card and put it in the next available sleeve and so on. It is hard to tell what I have and don't have though.

I had wanted to sort by year, but it seems like it would be more of a hassle than anything since you would wind up having to rearrange all the other cards after it, every time you got a new card.


  1. I haven't put together a player collection binder in the modern era. Up until the mid-90s, you could actually dream of acquiring a copy of every card produced of your favorite player -- so it made sense to leave spaces for the ones you didn't have yet.

  2. I don't have a lot of cards is why I mainly keep them in binders. Storage is an issue as well.

    The amount of cards is staggering though. My mom suggested I try and get every Chipper card until I told here these where thousands of them.

  3. I have one player collection in three different 4 page binders with empty spots for the missing cards. I have another collection of a player with a long travel history. Each of his cards are together by team. Another collection is all in top loaders. I guess what I am saying is that, well, it depends on what you are comfortable with.

  4. I have actually just started organizing my player collections, and I decided to go by year. It is a hassle to insert new cards as I get them, but sometimes what I will do to make it a bit easier is to leave a gap of several blank spots in the middle of the collection so the amount of reorganizing is decreased. Despite the extra work, keeping them organized that way just feels so much nicer than having 50 or so cards randomly distributed. Especially with a player like Chipper who hasn't ever played for anyone else besides the Braves make a sort by team he played for meaningless. Let us know what you decide on.

  5. I haven't organized one player in 9 pocket pages until recently when I called it quits buying Rey Ordonez. When I did decide to page the cards I put them in order first by year, then in alphabetical order by maker and then brand. Yeah, I'm kinda anal like that!

    When it comes to my Braves collection...I just pocket the cards in pages by year. No other order...not yet at least. That way I can easily pull out what I've amassed and enjoy the cards.

    I keep everything on a Word file of what I own and it too is very organized. Makes it easy when shopping for cards so I don't end up buying duplicates.