Monday, November 10, 2014


I started this a few years back and people seemed to enjoy it. I dropped the ball on the last couple of years  but decided it would be fun to bring back again.
If you aren't familiar with how secret Santa works, it is where you are randomly assigned one person to buy a gift for. You don't know who gets your name until you get the gift and they say who they are. They don't have to identify themselves but most people usually do. The only difference in this secret Santa is that the gift needs to be either related to sports or sports cards. It doesn't necessarily have to be baseball though.
Sign ups will from here until November 30th and then on the first of December you will be e-mailed your person and their address. Including shipping I have a spending limit of twenty dollars. I want this to be something fun to do not something that will break the bank. Due to costs I am going to limit this to people in the US just because shipping is a bitch .
If you want to sign up, please post here and then send an e-mail to me at with your full address, your e-mail, link to your blog if you have one,  and a general wish list of your interests or even a link to your want list.  You can also include your wish list and blog when you post here as well if you want to.

So for me it would be...

Brain Heyward 
1010 Chipper street
Freeman, NY 90201
Wish list: Atlanta braves, Martin Prado, Freddie Freeman, Chipper Jones, Jason Heyward, funny or unusual cards, stickers.