Sunday, January 31, 2010

Topps 2010 Blaster break down

I didn't know if this has been done already but I got the urge to do one, so here it is. If you want any of the inserts let me know. I just thought it would be interesting to see how many base cards you actually get, or how many when they where young, or the cards your mom threw out. As for rather this is the norm, I'd need another blaster or two to compare.

P.S If I spelled any names wrong let me know, the letters start running together after a while.

Base cards: 42

22 ANTHONY SWARZAK (Minnesota Twins)
31 JASON GRILLI (Texas Rangers)
33 ADAM MOORE (Seattle Mariners)
37 GARRET ANDERSON (Atlanta Braves)
76 JOE SAUNDERS (Anaheim Angels)
85 KEN GRIFFY JR (Seattle Mariners)
93 JOSH NATHAN (Minnesota Twins)
120 JORGE POSADA (New York Yankees)
132 CLIFF LEE (Philadelphia Phillies)
139 FRANK FRANCISCO (Texas Rangers)
145 JUSTIN UPTON (Arizona Diamondbacks)
148 CODY ROSS (Florida Marlins)
165 BRANDON PHILLIPS (Cincinnati Reds)
173 KENDRY MORALES (Anaheim Angels)
175 JOSH HAMILTON (Texas Rangers)
189 ADRIAN BELTRE (Seattle Mariners)
194 NEIL WALKER (Pittsburgh Pirates)
215 MAX SCHERZER (Arizona Diamondbacks)
242 BOBBY JENKS ( Chicago White Sox)
245 LANCE BERKMAN (Huston Astros)
249 JON NIESE (New York Mets
251 JOHN LANNAN (Washington Nationals)
258 EDWIN ENCARNACION (Toronto Blue Jays)
259 (Chicago White Sox)
262 HOMER BAILEY (Cincinnati Reds)
269 Checklist
272 JAIR JURRJENS (Atlanta Braves)
273 PAT NESHEK (Minnesota Twins)
291 AUSTIN KEARNS (Washington Nationals)
294 ADAM DUNN (Washington Nationals)
295 KEVIN YOUKILIS (Boston Red Sox)
308 ROBINZON DIAZ (Pittsburgh Pirates)
311 JOSE VALVERDE (Huston Astros)

Other cards: 38
ALL FOR TRADE (minus 1 million card giveaway)

Parallel throw backs: (10)
14 TED LILY (Chicago Cubs)
84 NATE ROBERTSON (Detroit Tigers)
153 JUSTIN DUCHSCHERSON (Oakland Athletics)
207 COLBY PASMUS (St Louis Cardinals)
217 GIO GONZALEZ (Oakland Athletics)
261 MATT CARSON (Oakland Athletics)
278 CARLOS DELGADO (New York Mutt)
301 JACK CRUST (Oakland Athletics)
322 TRAVIS BUCK (Oakland Athletics)

Topps Town (10)
MANNY RAMIREZ (Los Angeles Dodgers)
ROY HALLADAY (Toronto Blue Jays)
RYAN BRAUN (Milwaukee Brewers)
ICHIRO (Seattle Mariners)
TIM LINCECUM (San Francisco Giants)
MIGUEL TEJADA (Huston Astros)
RYAN HOWARD (Philadelphia Phillies)
EVAN LONGORIA (Tampa Bay Rays)
CC SABATHIA 9new York Yankees)

Peak Performance 3
PP-15 ALEX RODRIGUEZ (New York Yankees)
PP-22 GEORGE SISLER (St Louis Cardinals)
PP-27 TOM SEAVER (New York Mets)

Topps Million Dollar Giveaway (2)

History Of the Game (3)
HOTG1 1871 First Professional Baseball Game Played (double)
HOTG21 DH Rule Created

The Cards Your Mom Threw Out (3)
CMT-15 JIM PALMER (Baltimore Orioles) 126 1996 Topps
CMT-48 IVAN RODRIGUEZ (Texas Rangers) 399 1999 Topps
CMT-54 RYAN HOWARD (Philadelphia Phillies) + COLE HAMELS (Philadelphia Phillies) Prospect Card 2005

Prominent Baseball Players (2)
TR 18 RYAN BRAUN (Milwaukee Brewers)
TR 27 EDWIN JACKSON (Detroit Tigers)

Legendary Lineage (2)
LL 1 WILLIE McCOVEY (San Francisco Giants + RYAN HOWARD (Philadelphia Phillies)
LL11 MIKE SCHMIDT (Philadelphia Phillies) + EVAN LONGORIA (Tampa Bay Rays)

When They Where Young (1)

Tales Of The Game
JACKIE ROBINSON Steals Home In World Series

Topps Attax (1)

1 Commenorative patch:

1989 World Series Oakland Athletics DENNIS ECKERSLEY (for trade)

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Throwbacks? More like "throw them back."

I bought a blaster of Topps 2010 today. There was only one of them and it had been stuffed between two other blasters of another product. Didn’t even see it at first and now I wished I hadn’t.

I failed to see the small print on the blaster until after I had purchased it... the one that said “2 packs of exclusive throwback parallel cards!”

I opened a pack that looked thicker than the others and at first I thought there something wrong with the cards, or the backs of them anyhow. Instead of the slick and shinny back that I was expecting, I was greeted with a gray card stock back. Turns out, they are the “throw back parallel cards.”

It was bad enough when wal-mart did the stupid back bordered cards last year. It was even worse that I had no clue and thought that the whole set was supposed to be that way, until buying a loose pack. It annoyed me enough that I didn’t want to buy any more cards as I had wasted my money in buying so many blasters to go toward completing the set.

My question for Topps is why? I really don’t understand the need for the cards. You have enough gimmick cards already. Maybe, just MAYBE if they where only one card per pack, or one card every other pack I could understand.

Why two packs in every box though? The whole blaster full made more sense than this. That means two less pack and 16 less cards that I will not have to build my set.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

That Brave hating cat is at it again!

If you had read a few post back you know my cat is met lover that haaaaaaaaaaates Larry Wayne.

It is worse than I first feared however.

First the back story.

The Braves are doing a caravan
through the south east where various Braves visit different locations and sigh autographs for the fans. I plan on going Sunday to the one in Evans which include

Freddie Freeman
Jordan Schafer
Jim Powell
Zane Smith

Last night I managed to find two cards of Schafer and Smith that I planned on getting autographed. I had put them on my bed in an effort to get a picture of them so I could upload them to my blog, but none of the pictures turned out right and I soon grew frusterated and ended up abounding the project.

I then grew distracted with something else which could have been the President or the internet or.. something.

THAT WAS WHEN SHE STRUCK! She plopped her fat self right on top of the cards and in the process bent poor scahfer right down the middle. A thing of beauty more.

Only an accident you say? That is what she wants you to think!

The devious Met fan has struck yet again.

TL. DR I need to use my card table as none of this would have happened in the first place.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Ebaying and my super special card space!

I now have a space in my room dedicated to opening and sorting through cards. Usually I did it on the bed. No, scratch that.... usually I was so impatient I would open the cards in the car. I wnat to be more organized though and not have cards in fifteen different places. I have a lot of loose cards in a bin I need to sort through currently.

Anyone else have a space dedicated to opening/sorting cards?

Ordered a hobby box off of Ebay today. Free shipping. I hope by free they don't mean placed in a big box with no padding where it is jostled around like a... hobby box in a big box. Guess I don't have a right to complain however.

I'm also bidding on a Chipper shirt for 99 cents

.0.99 CENTS!

I'm always so paranoid about Ebay though. There has never been an issue thus far, but I am a glass half empty type person and tend to fear the worst. I always check the seller's status... which is what I figure most people do.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Quack, Quack, Quaaaaaaaaack, Quack, Quack!

It's Chipper duck
It's Chipper duck
It's Chipper duck
The very special Chipper duck
He's gotta ball
He's gotta bat
and beak and but just like a duck
He doesn't quack, but he'll squeak
when you press his middle down!

...Yea. Oddest Chipper item EVER!

Friday, January 22, 2010

First ever video pack rip!

So I bought two packs of Topps 2010 at Target today. I have to say, I do like the base set.

I also attempted to do a live video pack rip.

Here are my results. . The cards where not as clear in the video as I would have liked, my fault. Bad lighting.

Pack 1!

Pack 2!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

A daunting task lies ahead

I want to "TRY" get a card of every single Brave player that has had a baseball card made. I don't know how many men have played for the Braves all together or which ones of them have a card. I do know the list will be huge and the task will be near impossible to complete.

That isn't going to stop me from trying however.

I only want cards of the players in an Atlanta Brave uniform however. I don't want a card of a former Brave in a another uniform or even those in the minor league . I am not looking for rare/fancy cards, just a CARD of the player.

I also don't know rather to cap the year at 2010 as evrey year that progresses there will be more and more players. It will never end.

Does anyone know if there is a list somewhere of every player to have played for the Braves?

Monday, January 18, 2010

I was E-Bipped!

It was SCARY!

I thught I was going to view game used cards :(

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Please don't pee on Chipper Jones.

I'm sure you noticed the in my avatar. The one with the Brave hat. That's Buffy and she is my cat. She is the most anxiety prone, basket case, men fearing, over eating, obssessive bathing cat I have ever owned. Yet I love her.

However, she had one major problem.

She is not a fan of . If she could talk, I'm sure I would hear a constant chant of Larrrrrrrrrry, Larrrrrry, Larrrrry.

I have a in my room. I think I mentioned this in the past.

Ain't it the most glorious thing you have ever seen?

Poor Mister Jones has never fared well at the hands of Buffy though.

Not only has she knocked him over multiple times, but I give you


She has mercifully chewed his legs to pieces.



WHY is Chipper rocking? No, that is not paranormal activity, but BUFFY chewing on his leg.


She has even peed on my Chipper shirt. You don't pee on Chipper, even if he is in shirt form.

I'm ashamed to admit it, but it looks my cat is a.....

Friday, January 15, 2010

Card shop soon and ticket to stardom.

So it looks like I am going to go a card shop soon. As soon as next week. I can't wait! Just hope it is as great as I'm hoping it will be and that the owners/workers will be friendly. Do they tend to be?

My mom bought me a blaster of Ticket to Stardom. Or I picked it out rather. It was my gift. I dunno why I seem to like the sets that nobody else does, but I do. Maybe I just have bad taste.

On another note, I am donating half the money from my Birthday to the Haiti relief fund. I think evreyone should donate what they can, even if it is just a dollar. That dollar ads up when thousands of others do the same.

I want to see if I can find a way to donate clothes/food as well. I think there was a local place taking donations for such things.

I wish I could do over there and help myself. Since I can't though, I can do this.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Gimme suggestions!

So I likely will be coming into some money as my birthday is Friday and that has been the typical gift for a while.

I will likely spend the money on cards, as well.... I'm an addict. The problem is picking a product or box. Could anyone suggest a set that isn't ultra expensive to complete or else a hobby box under a 100 dollars?

I know I can easily google, but I also want to hear people's opinions on why to get one box over the next.

I don't mine art sets, just nothing as horrid as Chipper Ruth. I don't mind retro sets either and I prefer cards of current MLB players vs prospects or retired players.

Or I could buy an individual cards, likely of the players I have listed as my favorites. Any advice on what would would be good to go after would be appreciated.

Monday, January 11, 2010



I can't believe I did that. >__< Thankfully I ran out of sleeves and only went to cards 290 or else I would have a lot of work to do.

and how did I lose cards 195-235 of Topps 2008? That is chunk of cards. Dunno where they went or how I managed to lose cards from the middle of the stack.

On the bright side, I finally updated my want list.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

What is the difference?

Ok, so I am still a newbie when it comes to the card collecting world. I was looking up topps 2007 that I intend to buy when I came across these

Series 1 hobby box

Series 1 36 pack box

I would just like to know why such the vast difference in price. I know one says hobby box, but in the descriptions of the two I can't see any difference. Maybe I'm just missing something obvious.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

My Goals of 2010

My Card related goals of 2010.

I'm about 9 days late in this. The reason? I procrastinate like no tomorrow.

1. Get to a card shop. An actual, genuine card shop. I want to go to a place that sells cards. Not cards, underwear, television and anything else under the sun. A place where people know upper deck from a wooden deck

Luckily this take will likely be completed this month, or so I hope.

2. Focus on going after one or two sets and stop buying random packs of cards that aren't part of said sets.

This, I will likely fail. I have a very hard time not buying some sort of pack when I go to a place that sells them. It is like an addiction. Hell, it IS an addiction.

3. Work on better posts for the blog. More informed ones that tell about my opinons on card products and card designs. Start posting actual cards that I get.

4. Trade more. Padded brown envelops make me happy, happy haaaaaaaaaaaaappy. I want to get more involved in this community. Reach out to more bloggers.

5. Set up a work area for my card collecting needs. A better place to store the cards. Have cards in one place, not ten. One that is actually organized and where cards are easily accesable.

That is all I can think of for the time being.