Saturday, January 30, 2010

Throwbacks? More like "throw them back."

I bought a blaster of Topps 2010 today. There was only one of them and it had been stuffed between two other blasters of another product. Didn’t even see it at first and now I wished I hadn’t.

I failed to see the small print on the blaster until after I had purchased it... the one that said “2 packs of exclusive throwback parallel cards!”

I opened a pack that looked thicker than the others and at first I thought there something wrong with the cards, or the backs of them anyhow. Instead of the slick and shinny back that I was expecting, I was greeted with a gray card stock back. Turns out, they are the “throw back parallel cards.”

It was bad enough when wal-mart did the stupid back bordered cards last year. It was even worse that I had no clue and thought that the whole set was supposed to be that way, until buying a loose pack. It annoyed me enough that I didn’t want to buy any more cards as I had wasted my money in buying so many blasters to go toward completing the set.

My question for Topps is why? I really don’t understand the need for the cards. You have enough gimmick cards already. Maybe, just MAYBE if they where only one card per pack, or one card every other pack I could understand.

Why two packs in every box though? The whole blaster full made more sense than this. That means two less pack and 16 less cards that I will not have to build my set.

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