Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Gimme suggestions!

So I likely will be coming into some money as my birthday is Friday and that has been the typical gift for a while.

I will likely spend the money on cards, as well.... I'm an addict. The problem is picking a product or box. Could anyone suggest a set that isn't ultra expensive to complete or else a hobby box under a 100 dollars?

I know I can easily google, but I also want to hear people's opinions on why to get one box over the next.

I don't mine art sets, just nothing as horrid as Chipper Ruth. I don't mind retro sets either and I prefer cards of current MLB players vs prospects or retired players.

Or I could buy an individual cards, likely of the players I have listed as my favorites. Any advice on what would would be good to go after would be appreciated.


  1. Buy individual cards of the guys you collect and enjoy the money more.

    I got a little money for Christmas and instead of buying a box or two, I bought some pretty sweet PC cards (will be showing them off soon on my blog) and I am a lot happier than I would be if I had pulled some scrub GU and autos, ya know?

  2. If I were you, I would buy a whole lot of Cleveland Indian cards and send them to me !! lol... actually I don't buy many boxes so I'll let someone else make suggestions there. As far as the Chipper/Ruth card, it wasn't quite what some people thought. If you look here: you'll see an early photo of Ruth that was used to make that card. It does sort of resemble Chipper. Ruth played for the old Boston Braves which eventually became Atlanta. That's why he was in the Atlanta uniform.

  3. Going the individual card route is smart if you're not a set collector.

    If you are a set collector, I'd go with something like '09 Topps Chrome or O-Pee-Chee or Topps flagship. The boxes are relatively cheap, there's not a lot of prospects and they're all baseball (no arm wrestlers or hot dog eating champions).

    If you want something a little older, Masterpieces from 2007 or 2008 is a great art set for the price.

  4. Topps Murad or Topps Heritage.

    Those are my favorite releases for basketball and baseball. And you could get two hobby boxes whichever you decide on.

    But I'm a set builder. Just saying...