Saturday, May 29, 2010

Get your rear in gear wal-mart!

Yup, another wal-mart rant!

Buuuuut this was a different wal-mart!

This evening I went into Wal-Mart eagerly expecting to find Topps series 2. After all they had come out (Wow, has it only been two days? I was going to say a week ago) Thursday, surely they would have them out and ready.

Nope. There was nary a pack in sight. Just the series 1 cards.

I circled the display four times, each time expecting the cards to miraculously appear. (they didn't) I even searched through the lose packs and looked behind blaster boxes to see if they where hidden, like the prize in the cracker jack box.

...which suck now. The prizes in Cracker Jack boxes suck. They are just pieces of paper with jokes or riddle son them. I WANT A DAMNED PLASTIC RING!

And there are hardily ever prizes in cereal anymore. I remember a few years back they put mini bobble heads of baseball players in cereal. ..I forget which kind, but they had a Chipper and I went through four boxes before I found him. Best prize in a cereal box ever!

Now it is all for stuff you have to send away for. Money grubbing bastards.

...oh yea, this is a rant about wal-mart. HURRY UP AND GET TOPPS SEIRES 2 CARDS! I waaaaaaaaaaaaant them.

Monday, May 24, 2010


Or more of a whine than a nitpick. I like the word nitpick though.

With Topps series 2 coming out (I always thought it was released mid season, as in mid baseball season. Another rookie mistake) I've been doing a little looking around at the previews blogs and sites have been showing of the cards.

I found a site that mentioned the inserts/base/etc being released. Here. I was all excited to see what cards of the "When They Where young" insert they where going to have. After scrolling up and down a few times however, I realized they where not mentioned. All the other inserts where there, just not that one..

Baaaaaaaaaaaah! The one insert I actively went after and it doesn't appear to be coming out in series 2. I can't find anything on Google as all it does is link me to series 1 cards.

...and I need to update my want list. I am lazy and a procrastinator though.

Friday, May 21, 2010


Today Bobby Cox Turns 69. I wish him a happy birthday!

To celebrate I leave you with a tribute to his many ejections.

Signs you spend to much time blogging.

When you start having dreams about envelopes and cards.

I dreamed I got a brown envelope from a fellow blogger last night. I don't know who it was from. I want to say night owl for some reason though. The package had a small pack of cards. I don't remember the cards or even if I looked at them. What I do remember, was a hairband held them together.

There was a note that read, "Sorry I couldn't get you what you wanted." There was also money, which was rolled up with the note. It was 12 dollars. One ten dollar bill and two ones. Plus there was a roll of quarters.

My mom was also in the dream, as dream me was excited about the package and money and I had called her into my room.

The odd thing is, or odder, the blogger wanted me to spend the money on cat food. ...Our local bi-lo has this bin where you can donate pet food to a local shelter and they never seem to have a lot of cat food, just dog food.

The quarters ended up going into my baseball card fund, which was an empty hobby box of 09 Tickets to stardom. (which I still have on my desk. I also actually have a baseball card fund, but it is in a plastic coffee container)

Thursday, May 20, 2010




10-9! 10-9! 10-9! 10-9! 10-9! 10-9! 10-9! 10-9!


Holy shit what an inning! 9-3 in the bottom of the ninth and we came back! I am ashamed to admit I didn't think it would happen. In fact, I was praying for a short inning just to end it all so at least I could see Chipper's huning special and have something good to watch.



Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Update your baseball shelf walmart!

I have been to the card isle of our local Wal-mart weekly, sometimes more than that, and they never seem to update their baseball card isle or card isle in general. I have bought every single Heritage blaster they had, which was four. Every time I would go to get a new one there would also be one less. I bought the last one weeks ago and still have no new blasters.

I also bought the last upper deck series 1 blaster they had, which I think was the same amount they had a week ago. (Someone out there has to collect this set besides me)

and is there only one series this year? The whole lawsuit deal is icky and I generrally stay out of stupid legal things like that.

....Oh wait, I lie. They do update their gravity fed packs, but the blasters and double backs don't seem to ever grow, just shrink.

and why are they still selling topps 2009 blasters for 19.99? Shouldn't they be marked to half price?

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Am I saying it right?

Chicle that is. I think I said it Chick-ul. (This computer has no sound, nor the camera I recorded on) Did I say it right? Butcher it?

... why chicle anyhow? I thought it was National Circle when I first started reading about it. Shows you how much I pay attention.

Oh and yea.. the video sucks. Lighting sucks and I held the cards up to high... and I was rather rough with them.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Quit Plunking McCann!

That is the fourth time in ten games he has been hit. Is it his stance, or what? His eyes are giving him trouble, but geez. I think all of the hits have been at night games. The last two anyhow. I just hope he doesn't get hurt.

Glad to see Heyward is back. Glad to see us winning. Not glad to see you know who injured again. I bet the one game I manage to attend this year will be with him hurt somehow.

I really want J.J to come back. Doesn't look like that will happen any time soon though K.K needs to... I don't know. I know he hasn't been given much run support, but 0-6?

I had planned on posting a two pack video break of National Chicle but blogger isn't cooperating and now my camera is broke. I can't upload the cards I wanted for the blaster blogger league.

...and this is turning into a bitch fest.

I need happy news. The Braves are winning. We are winning. 10-3! We won last night. Prado got a Graaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand slam. The pitchers are doing good, Tommy and Hudson anyhow. We will be back home soon. I got a Brave in my pack of Chicle. I.... am out of good news.