Monday, May 24, 2010


Or more of a whine than a nitpick. I like the word nitpick though.

With Topps series 2 coming out (I always thought it was released mid season, as in mid baseball season. Another rookie mistake) I've been doing a little looking around at the previews blogs and sites have been showing of the cards.

I found a site that mentioned the inserts/base/etc being released. Here. I was all excited to see what cards of the "When They Where young" insert they where going to have. After scrolling up and down a few times however, I realized they where not mentioned. All the other inserts where there, just not that one..

Baaaaaaaaaaaah! The one insert I actively went after and it doesn't appear to be coming out in series 2. I can't find anything on Google as all it does is link me to series 1 cards.

...and I need to update my want list. I am lazy and a procrastinator though.

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  1. Considering the anonymity of some players included in the first round of the "When They Were Young" insert set, it's probably a good thing that it's not back in series two.