Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Update your baseball shelf walmart!

I have been to the card isle of our local Wal-mart weekly, sometimes more than that, and they never seem to update their baseball card isle or card isle in general. I have bought every single Heritage blaster they had, which was four. Every time I would go to get a new one there would also be one less. I bought the last one weeks ago and still have no new blasters.

I also bought the last upper deck series 1 blaster they had, which I think was the same amount they had a week ago. (Someone out there has to collect this set besides me)

and is there only one series this year? The whole lawsuit deal is icky and I generrally stay out of stupid legal things like that.

....Oh wait, I lie. They do update their gravity fed packs, but the blasters and double backs don't seem to ever grow, just shrink.

and why are they still selling topps 2009 blasters for 19.99? Shouldn't they be marked to half price?


  1. Your store probably has a less than enthusiastic vendor that refreshes their display in that store. You should find out what days they are in there and then try to talk to them about what they stock. It worked for me and a buddy of mine at one of our local stores...they never had hockey until we asked them and now they have at least three different products as well as packs.

  2. I'm with you on this one. The vendor at my store seems to be same as yours. Of course, the lack of new stuff may be part of the problem.