Friday, May 21, 2010

Signs you spend to much time blogging.

When you start having dreams about envelopes and cards.

I dreamed I got a brown envelope from a fellow blogger last night. I don't know who it was from. I want to say night owl for some reason though. The package had a small pack of cards. I don't remember the cards or even if I looked at them. What I do remember, was a hairband held them together.

There was a note that read, "Sorry I couldn't get you what you wanted." There was also money, which was rolled up with the note. It was 12 dollars. One ten dollar bill and two ones. Plus there was a roll of quarters.

My mom was also in the dream, as dream me was excited about the package and money and I had called her into my room.

The odd thing is, or odder, the blogger wanted me to spend the money on cat food. ...Our local bi-lo has this bin where you can donate pet food to a local shelter and they never seem to have a lot of cat food, just dog food.

The quarters ended up going into my baseball card fund, which was an empty hobby box of 09 Tickets to stardom. (which I still have on my desk. I also actually have a baseball card fund, but it is in a plastic coffee container)


  1. Yep, that sounds exactly like me.

  2. Cat food? I thought owl's ate field mice and other small rodents?

  3. lol ... I've dreamed about cards before. Welcome to the club.