Monday, July 30, 2012

Finally a win on Monday!

The Braves have lost every Monday game so far this year.  Until tonight.  ..and I know the reason.

Great Pitching? ask

Smart at bats? ponder.

 Chipper Jones and his twitter account.   They have won  every game since he started his account.on Tuesday.

Coincidence? I think not.

It really is funny to see people complain about the words he uses or his posts.    Yicketty and Mammo are my two favorite words now.


Saturday, July 28, 2012

The only reason I'm using twitter.

I never found much use for twitter.  Always seemed kind of dumb to me and I didn't really see the point of posting "Went to the store"  Or watching tv"   

Then it happened. Chipper Jones got a twitter account.

 That made me  fly over and make an account myself.  Or well, try until I realized I had already signed up for twitter some time ago. Something I had completely forgotten about. (My memory scares me)  In only a few days he has managed to get over 50 K followers. 

The only tweet I have made so far  (is that how you say it?) is in response to Chipper and he is the only person I follow.  Or well there are two others but I have forgotten who they are and likely added them  way long ago. 

Every day now I eagerly log onto to twitter to see if he has made a new post

I am such a fangirl.

Monday, July 23, 2012

I need to start writting these things down

I needed a padded envelope to mail a card.

I went to the store to get a padded envelop and a few others things.  Got the drinks, got the frosted flakes and completely forgot about the envelope until over half way home .><

On other news Target doesn't have MLP cards.   Did get another pack of Allen and Ginter which had a Freeman.  The rest are up for grabs, base with a mini. 17, 53, 199, 204

I need to get some Ben Sheets cards.  Guy has done great so far. 

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Where oh where could my ponies be?

A few weeks ago I heard they where making My Little Pony Friendship is magic trading cards! Cards and ponies together!


 They where due out July 15th.   That was two days ago two. II 

but I can't find them anywhere.


 Granted I have only been to wal-mart, but I WANT MAH PONY CARDS!

If anyone sees them I will gladly pay for a pack or trade for them.  With baseball cards.  I  can send a pack for a  pack.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Chipper will be honored and I'm going be there!

On  Friday September 28th, the Braves will honor Chipper Jones.  It is the first game of the last home series he will ever play.

...and we got tickets!  Not great seats as they where nearly all sold out, but decent seats. We are  a little past third base (close we could get to Chip) and several rows back.    I CAN'T WAIT! (he has better play :P)

True, I could likely see better on the TV but being there live and in person will be something special.  I want to be there to scream myself hoarse with 40,00 other fans. Hopefully I can tape the game as well.  He has been my favorite player ever since I was ten and will always be, even after this year.

You Brave Bloggers should get tickets as well.  ...If there are any left.  This will be a very special game. Bittersweet.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Anyone like tennis? (relic)

So, I  got a pack of Allen and Ginter today.

...and I got a relic card.

 It was a tennis player. Rodger Federer.

 Had to google his name as I know nothing about Tennis and the people that play it.  Apparently he's a pretty good player.

Its up for grabs.   I figure there must be a tennis fan out there that wants this in the blogging world.

Oh, and these where the other cards in the pack.

I like the set overall, dunno if I will be going after the set.  Most likely not. Too expensive for me.  I will likely go after the Braves.


Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Old man still got it!

Badly photoshoped Chipper head on a man with a  walker FTW!

First he gets named to All Star game in place of injured Matt Kemp.  Then he shows us why he deserves it.

 Five times at bat and five hits!  Third five hit game of his career,

Four RBI's including a bases loaded,  bases clearing double!

Awesome throw to first!

 He even  also stole a base.  First stolen base of the season.  Watch out Bourn!

He even  broke a record!  Nine claps in a row  baby!