Monday, January 30, 2012

First pack of 2012 series 1 cards.

Didn't even know these were out yet . I ran in wal-mart on a whim though and got there just as a woman was unpacking boxes. She opened up a box and let me have a pack.. I really like the design of the cards. There are a number of inserts just like always.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

I must not puke on Chipper.

The Braves are doing their annual Caravan this week and next week,.

Sadly they are not coming to Evans GA this year where I have been going for the last two years. The next closest stop is in Columbia SC, which I hope to make, although I don’t know yet if we can make it. I hope so because Heyward is coming and I really, really want to meet him. Or well… get rushed through the line and get his autograph rather.

We are planning for Cumming though, which is the big stop with Chipper, McCann and Uggla. It is over three hours away and I want to get there at least three hours beforehand because I have a feeling the place will be a zoo. I just hope three hours will be enough. I will cry if I get turned away. Seriously bawl.

I just tend to get really, really nervous at these things. One year I was so sick to my stomach I ended up having to sit down on the ground so I didn't end up yaking.

Although I doubt they will let me, I am going to ask if I can shake Chipper's hand. I have gotten his autograph in person once before but I was a little disappointed because he never even looked up at me. I didn't even get to hand him my item to sign. You handed it to a girl who gave it to Chipper, and then he gave it back to another girl. I wanted to say something to him but I couldn't get a word out. My mom was still upset and has threatened to say how disappointed she was with him when we go this time. I'm scared I will get so nervous if he does look at me I will end up... getting sick on him. Sadly, I am only half kidding.

I also have a question to those Brave fans that had been to such events or any fans of bigger name players like Chipper. How were the lines? Is three hours enough time?

Monday, January 16, 2012

Baseball Card Shops in/near Atlanta?

I was wondering if anyone could suggest any card shops in the Atlanta area. Preferably ones that you have been to yourself. I am determined to make it to one before the world ends this December. Three years running this blog and I have yet to set foot in a genuine card shop. THAT MUST CHANGE!

Or even to upcoming card shows. I haven't been to those either. I don't even know what they tend to be like or what to excpect. This to, must change.