Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Nephew's first Braves game

Went to the Braves game yesterday with my eight year old nephew and brother.  Had a great time. 
Picked an awesome game for his first. 13-5 WIN!   Decent seats as well.

 He is not a huge baseball fan though and he got a little bored at the end.   He said he  was annoyed doing the wave and "chop" so much.  "Those were the only things that were annoying."

 He did say he had a good time though and said he'd go to another.  Wish he could have seen Heyward.  Or Chipper.

Him being silly before the game.  Or during I should say during.  We arrived at the bottom of the first inning. Amazing how many people come late.  Or late for me.  I usually arrive hours beforehand.


Enjoying some cotton candy.  He was so worried the cotton candy man wouldn't come our way.

 Him and his dad.  So hard to get him to pose normally for a picture.

Some  game pictures

 one of the many Met huddles.

Braves WIN!