Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Basketball cards for Baseball cards?

So among my many assorted packs of baseball cards for Christmas, I also got...

a double pack of Upper Deck Basketball cards.

Since I don't collet basketball cards I was wondering if anyone would want to trade me a double pack of baseball cards for the basketball one. It is unopened.

Any takers? Someone out there must like basketball.

As for why I don't take it back to the store, I don't know which store it came from and don't have a recit.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Thank you secret santa!

I now have not one, not two, not three, not four, not five, not six, not seven, no eight, not nine, but TEN new Chipper Jones jersey cards! I literaly squealed when I opened the brown envelope. I loved the "He went to Chipper note" as well. :)

Awesome gift!

I also got some really REALLY great baseball realted gifts as well. Cards from multiple folks and a Chipper Jones mouse pad!

I can't find the cord to the camera to upload pictures sadly.

Sorry I haven't been updating more. In part I've been lazy and the other I haven't had much insperation for a post. Hope to chnage that however with the new year though.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Bahhh Humbug!

The other dayI had gone to check the mail. Upon opening the box I saw a padded brown envelope.

With growing excitement I removed it from the mail box to see who it was from.

And it was from...


I had sent an envelope to a blogger the day before and it had been returned back to me with


I KNEW I should have put that other stamp. My mom said one would be enough.


It wasn't even that heavy. Hell, a birthday card weights more,

Bahhh Humbug.

On another (happier!)note.

I am getting THIS for Chritsmas. My one big gift.

My first jump box EVER!

Monday, December 14, 2009

I am the GREATEST Brave Fan in the World!

This proves it!

I found this in my closet while searching for a cord that goes to my portable DVD player. Didn't find the cord (my mom had it) but I did find this card. I am a pack rat at times and birthday cards are something I have a hard time letting go off.

Here is a look inside

"Mama Sis" was my grandmother. I say was, as she passed away from Cancer last year. She died on my birthday. By that time she was bedridden and had to be watched 24/7. She couldn't even feed herself. My mom and brother where with her when she took her last breath.

As for the name, it was something we always called her. My brother, my couison..... she was always known as mama sis. Even most friends called her Sis. I called her Mama Sissy.

Besides for me, she was the biggest Brave fan in our family and likely where I got my love for the game from. She used to watch every game that came on and when I was at her house, as I often was, we would watch them together.

Her favorite player was Greg Maddux. We bought her a shirt one year with his picture. She even wore it to a game, one of the two we got to take her to before she got sick. It got lost a few years later though. She would always claim that we had it and my mom would always argue that we didn't. We found it a few months back in the closet in our back bedroom.

I remember one our best traditions though was during baseball season when we where away from each other. Whenever one of us saw Chipper hit a home run we would ring each other. At times the lines would be busy because we would both be calling each other. When I wasn't able to watch the game, but knew one was on and the phone would ring during that time, I would KNOW it was her. I miss that more than anything. Being able to called her when Chipper does something.

I miss her, how she used to be before the Cancer took her. When she was able to name the players and would jokingly call Chipper's first kid the "Hooter Baby" When she would read Chop Talk and watch the games. When she would save the paper for me when it had something about a Brave Player. I wanted to go to more games with her. The two we went to just where not enough.

I hope they get Peach Tree TV in Heaven.

Thursday, December 3, 2009


Yup, pictures.


BRAAAAAAAAAAVE PICTURES that where taken either be me or my mom, or in one or two cases a stranger.

Why pictures? Cuse I have nothing productive to say.

This was taken this year in Evans GA. It was at a sports store.

FAN FEST 07... taken by my ymom. She went in McCann's line, I was in Frenchy's. We where both in Chipper's. We wanted a pic with him and me, but they rushed us through the line so fast we couldn't. Did see his wife and children... I think he even had the Hooter baby with him. ...Hooter baby was what my grandmother called the kid who's mom is the Hooter's waiter/worker that he slept with.

This was the women's day thingee in 07. I was there!