Sunday, July 15, 2012

Chipper will be honored and I'm going be there!

On  Friday September 28th, the Braves will honor Chipper Jones.  It is the first game of the last home series he will ever play.

...and we got tickets!  Not great seats as they where nearly all sold out, but decent seats. We are  a little past third base (close we could get to Chip) and several rows back.    I CAN'T WAIT! (he has better play :P)

True, I could likely see better on the TV but being there live and in person will be something special.  I want to be there to scream myself hoarse with 40,00 other fans. Hopefully I can tape the game as well.  He has been my favorite player ever since I was ten and will always be, even after this year.

You Brave Bloggers should get tickets as well.  ...If there are any left.  This will be a very special game. Bittersweet.