Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Ebaying and my super special card space!

I now have a space in my room dedicated to opening and sorting through cards. Usually I did it on the bed. No, scratch that.... usually I was so impatient I would open the cards in the car. I wnat to be more organized though and not have cards in fifteen different places. I have a lot of loose cards in a bin I need to sort through currently.

Anyone else have a space dedicated to opening/sorting cards?

Ordered a hobby box off of Ebay today. Free shipping. I hope by free they don't mean placed in a big box with no padding where it is jostled around like a... hobby box in a big box. Guess I don't have a right to complain however.

I'm also bidding on a Chipper shirt for 99 cents

.0.99 CENTS!

I'm always so paranoid about Ebay though. There has never been an issue thus far, but I am a glass half empty type person and tend to fear the worst. I always check the seller's status... which is what I figure most people do.


  1. My space dedicated to opening cards: the driver's seat of my car. Ideally, the car is not moving at the time.

  2. Night Owl stole my thunder, but I use the driver's seat now since they frown upon opening packs in the checkout line at my store. Also, as a former seller on Ebay, if you buy/sell long enough you WILL have some sort of issue. Hopefully it doesn't happen to you!

  3. I am finding that I need a space. I recently set up a table in my bedroom for a card project.

    As for eBay, I recently celebrated my 12th anniversary as a user (January 23rd, and no, I did not actually celebrate). In all that time, I have only ever had one bad transaction that did not get resolved. A guy cashed my seven dollar check and ran off with the money (along with some other checks according to his feedback). I've probably had 800-900 positive transactions. Even if there are issues, most sellers are willing to work with you. Be confident, all will be well!