Saturday, January 9, 2010

My Goals of 2010

My Card related goals of 2010.

I'm about 9 days late in this. The reason? I procrastinate like no tomorrow.

1. Get to a card shop. An actual, genuine card shop. I want to go to a place that sells cards. Not cards, underwear, television and anything else under the sun. A place where people know upper deck from a wooden deck

Luckily this take will likely be completed this month, or so I hope.

2. Focus on going after one or two sets and stop buying random packs of cards that aren't part of said sets.

This, I will likely fail. I have a very hard time not buying some sort of pack when I go to a place that sells them. It is like an addiction. Hell, it IS an addiction.

3. Work on better posts for the blog. More informed ones that tell about my opinons on card products and card designs. Start posting actual cards that I get.

4. Trade more. Padded brown envelops make me happy, happy haaaaaaaaaaaaappy. I want to get more involved in this community. Reach out to more bloggers.

5. Set up a work area for my card collecting needs. A better place to store the cards. Have cards in one place, not ten. One that is actually organized and where cards are easily accesable.

That is all I can think of for the time being.


  1. Good luck with your goals.

  2. Good goals. I am the same way with picking up packs. "Hello, My name is David, and I am a Pack-a-holic."

  3. I have to say i'm a packaholic too. I've saved tons of money now that I live nowhere near a card shop or wal-mart. Yep I said it the nearest wal-mart is 70 miles by boat or 250 miles by road. Via bush Alaska. Oh and good luck with the goals I think they are all attainable exept for the random pack one. And to be honest I love going to a card shop and picking up a couple of packs of whatevers new. Just to check it out and see if I like it and maybe get lucky and hit something. Joy.

    And rookie your always welcome over at Collectors Crack. We all share the same addiction. Although ours shouldn't kill us unless we get trapped under a huge stack of 1990 donruss baseball cards.