Thursday, March 18, 2010

Damn you Topps Heritage!

Or rather my weak power.

So there I was in walmart yesterday. Of course the first place I had to go was to the card isle... and there it was, packs of Topps heritage 2010. Gravity packs, double packs and BLASTER BOXES!

I told myself no, I must resist them, for I said I would only go after one set and one set only.

Actually I never told myself that. I just didn't intend to buy so much.

First I had picked out one gravity fed pack of heritage and one double pack of Topps series 1 and I happy strolled through Walmart with the packs in tow.

Of course I can never stop one time at at the card isle, so back I went again. Then the debate began. Should I forgo both and get a cereal box of Topps series 1? What about two double packs of Heritage? I was even so desperate to consider a blaster of Topps series 1.

I ended up picking back up the gravity fed pack of heritage and one double pack of Topps series 1 I had to begin with and carrying them around for a short while, but my mind kept going back to Topps heritage. I had liked what I'd seen on other blogs. I wanted the base Chipper. Plus had bubble gum!

So I went back once more and picked up a blaster of Heritage 2010 and put back the other packs. In the buggy it went and in it stayed until time to check out... where I debated still forgoing it and picking up two cereal boxes of Topps 2010 series 1. I needed so many cards after all. It was stupid to buy another set. Finish the one you had. Stick to your promise.

Of course as you can likely gain from the title, I did not put it back and now I have a second set I want to complete.

Bahhh humbag!

I love the base McCann card though. No chipper :(

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  1. My rack pack experience kind of soured me on Heritage this year. While I would like the Mets, a lot of the other stuff is uninteresting to me. What is it that you like about it as a set?