Monday, June 25, 2012

A half naked chipper doll and ponies on my baseball work station.

So I had a baseball work station for a long time.   Or for a couple of months anyways when I became a SERIOUS  COLLECTOR!. It was a place where I could rip packs and sort cards and keep mu supplies.  I was ORGAN IZED!

Then I switched rooms and to save room I ended up putting the table up and the cards  went under the bed.  I got UN ORGAN IZED.    Cards where put in all sorts of places.  Actually cards where always in all sorts of places even when there was a table, but even more so now.

I decided I wanted to get SERIOUS again  and not lose cards five minutes after I open them, so I  set up the table.   Poor chipper lost his pants and shoes and socks and hat and bat some time ago.  I use to tote the doll around and kiss it.   The ponies just make it awesome.

My spiffy card table!  You can see my brave mug.  Ignore the date.

A CLOSE UP of pantsless chipper and the ponies .  If someone can tell me the names of the two missing bigger ponies, they can have  my inserts of my topps archives.  Granted they aren't  any auto or jersey card.  I'm greedy like that.  :P


My Binders cuse i'm ORGAN IZED!


  1. Congrats on getting re-organized. That is something I need to do, and not just with my card collection. The hard part is staying organized.

  2. I will never be organized. Ever.

    I like the expression on the Chipper Bobblehead's face as he looks at pantsless Chipper.

    The missing ponies are Applejack and Twilight Sparkle. I don't need any cards unless you take some of my doubles in return. Which episodes are you still missing? I got my computer issues fixed and can send you some DVDs now.

  3. Staying organized is my biggest problem. I start off great and then after a week it looks like a hurricane hit.

    You Win.^^ I had a feeling you'd answer.

    I'll take some doubles. I can always use cards. I just opened the blaster and I actually got a Chipper. I never get Chipper in a set. There was a relic as well. I dunno if there is always one with a blaster. Upper deck did that. Topps, not so much. Was hoping for a Heyward like I saw someone get on you tube. Got Todd Helton.

    I need the rest of season 2. Or from episode 9 and on. I kept meaning to download them from itunes and kept forgetting.

  4. Just clicking on this post title will probably get me in trouble at work! I'm the definition of disorganized.