Friday, June 15, 2012

I'm getting a chipper bobble head and.. question.

Got tickets to the August 16th game. Braves vs Padres.   I also got batting practice tickets where I get to go on the field and watch the players practice.  Went last year and got some great pics and autograpahs.  They are doing Chipper bobble head night.  First 20,000 fans.  That would be my fourth Chipper Bobble Head.^^

I was wondering when they start giving things like that away? Is it as soon as the gates open or later?  I just have to be there a few hours early for batting practice and it doesn't end till later.   The bobble head was a main reason I picked the game.   It was either that or a Met game where I could go do the BP thing as I like David Wright and might could have got his autograph.    Also, if Chipper doesn't play I will be  upset.  It is playing paying Russian Roulette though when it comes to picking games that he will play.

We may also try the last home game of the season.  It will be Chipper's last home game.  *sigh*


  1. My experience is all in St Louis but I assume it's similar around MLB. Usually very early in the day only one gate will be open, and often the same person will be tearing/scanning the tickets and giving out the giveaways as long as the incoming traffic is light. I've only gone to a few games early enough for BP though, seems I always get tickets for a weeknight when I can't go until right after work.

    In short, if they're letting people in with regular tickets, I believe they should be handing out the bobbleheads by then.

    Have fun!

  2. I agree with Matt, they will give away the bobbleheads to the first 20000, and if you are there for batting practice you will certainly get one.

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