Monday, August 20, 2012

Game Pictures 8/16

The August 16th game was the best game I have ever been to.  Two home runs by Chipper and one by Heyward.  Kris Medlen pitched an awesome game.  Oh yea, and I got my bobblehead.  Got there are 2:30 for it.  Well... plus I had tickets to batting  practice and had to be there by 4. I was still scared I would be late and not get my bobblehead though.

The seats were over near third base side. My mom swore they where near the first base side. Still really good seats though.   Didn't get on TV but I did take my sign and I got it signed by a couple of players during BP.  Terry Pendleton even signed.  Paul Janish, Reed Johsnon, Prado and Ross also signed.

The pictures are out of order.  It is a bitch and half trying to move them with blogger.  Or else I'm just stupid.

and here it is in all his bearded glory.

Eddie having fun.  They did a team picture during BP.

Picture with prado

and ross!

Dunno what he was pointing at

Heywards first homer

Chipper's second!

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