Wednesday, May 2, 2012



15-13 against the Phillies, won in the bottom of the 12th with a walk off home run by Chipper!  The old man still has it!  The Braves still have it!   We  came back from six to nothing and what a battle it was.  I didn't think anything could top McCann's grand slam. 

This game had to be one of the best I have ever seen.   In fact, I have to use my
asthma inhaler.  I have cursed at the top of my lungs and screamed with joy at the top of my lungs. (I have the video to prove it and sore throat.)   My blood pressure has to be trough the roof or had to be.

I actually recorded the Braves winning and myself screaming.  Yes, I am THAT annoying.

WORD TO WISE: TURN DOWN YO SPEAKERS!  I should have recorded longer but I doubt you wanted to hear my ear pierecing shrieks.  Besides, you can watch a much less shaky version online. 

 "I wanted to punch him in his face."  Brian McCann when asked about not hurting Chipper to badly after his homer.

(Someone tell me why a video someone uploaded of the homer to youtube has been taken down due to copywright laws, when the b mac grand slam has not?)

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  1. Last night my wife asked me who Chipper Jones was. Several of her friends had either tweeted about him or mentioned him on facebook. I explained who he was and realized that I'm going to miss him. I'm not a huge Braves fan, but I admire good baseball players. Chipper is one of them.

    Watching your video made me smile. Thanks. I needed a smile this morning.