Thursday, December 15, 2011

Why I picked McCann Can Triple

I might have told some of you this, or maybe not. My memory scares me sometimes. Anyhow, I was recently surfing youtube and came across a clip from a Brave game that lead to me choosing my username.

It happened a few years ago now and well... I will let you see.

Chipper just makes it that much better. It also happened to be his birthday. Chipper's that is.

So, where did you get your username from? Or blog name? Mine was because I was a rookie card collector.


  1. Well my blog name, Cards from the Quarry, is kind of obvious since I am a Rockies collector.

    My username is a tad more interesting (well to me). I made up the name in 1988 while playing Jeopardy on the original NES. The controls and onscreen keyboard made it take too long to put in my name, Johnny, so I just put together a random assortment of letters that looked cool to me. Hiflew has been with ever since as a candy bar I invented in 1995 to my original Compuserve email to today's Blogger user name.

  2. I'm a night owl. Always have been.

  3. Kyle4KC because I'm a homer and root for the Royals and Chiefs.

    Juuust A Bit Outside (and now just JABO) by putting a poll on the blog and having voters select from a handful of names. Of course we all know the phrase came from the movie Major League as Harry Doyle helped describe Wild Thing's pitching. Love the Uke'!

  4. Section 36 because it has the best seats in Fenway Park.

  5. Blog name: I literally am a card addict. I'm trying to kick the habit though as is evident from my new header title.

    Username: When I was in college, my group of friend made up nicknames for each other. They weren't normal nicknames like Whitey or Bugsy or Flounder but instead our own name spoken in a terrible, terrible foreign accent. John was Juan, until one day we tried to write his name in the parking lot using shaving cream and the cna ran out after the A. From then on he was Jua. The other guy named John was Little Juan because Robin Hood just came out and he was shorter than Jua. Marcus was MAAH-cuss done in a horrible Brooklyn accent. Most everyone else got theirs done in a terrible English accent because butchering a British accent was Jua's specialty.

    I however was able to shrug off any accent thrown at my name so nothing stuck. Until I took German as my foreign language requirement and hated it. Then they started calling me Dave with a German accent and it drove me crazy. (In German Vs have the F sound, thus Dayf) So obviously that's the nickname that stuck.

    One summer I took a German class to close out my requirement because I figured the class would be easier then. The class was taught by a student from Germany who had an accent. When he took roll the first day he called out David for me and I said I usually go by Dave.

    "Oh, ok then Dayf!"

    At that moment I knew I was going to be hearing Dayf for two months so I made a conscious decision to simply accept my fate and embrace the Dayf. That dude is the person who introduced me to my love of coffee so he had an enormous influence on my life without knowing it.

    As for the spelling... When I signed up for my first HoTMaiL account in the mid '90s I needed a username, and I wanted to use Dayf but never thought about how to spell it. I couldn't think of a word with a long A sound that ends in f other than waif, and daif didn't look right. Daf wouldn't really work either. I decided to use dayf even though there's probably not another English word ending in yf. This has caused confusion as half the blogosphere thinks it's DayF as in Day F because that's how Mario at Wax Heaven always wrote it out. In retrospect, I kinda wish I had gone with daef, but that ship has sailed.