Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The Braves made me do the unthinkable!



Oh, it is to horrible to type!

*Deep breath*  I can do this. 


There!  I said it!  I told you it was horrible!

It started out innocent enough.  I had gotten a Buffalo Chicken sandwich at Ruby Tuesdays and it came with two sides.  Not one,  but two!   I got fries and  after some debate, mac and cheese.

  Before I could enjoy much of the cheesy awsomenes though, I took the first step down the road of despair.  I.  Got.  Full.  FULL!

Thankfully a styrofoam box was there to save  the day.  Not only could I take my meal home, but I could led to the death of the environment!  Two birds, one stone!

  That was when it happened.   I looked and the braves game was on one of the TV's.   I got distracted by the awsoemness that was BJ upton and Dan Uggla and left the box sitting on the table.   I walked right out  the door with my thoughts on the game.

It is only now, hours later and at home that I remembered the mac and cheese.

The kicker?  They lost.

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